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Dream Hospital
Written by Rabia Siddique

Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator

Dream HospitalAn excellent simulator on Android, where you play the role of a doctor. The game lets you take control of an experienced doctor and manage a huge clinic performing various missions for the recruitment of nurses, managing departments, and taking care of the sick.

Hire new employees, invest in new equipment, solve issues on the protection and public health of people.

Perform operations to your patients, treat them and also produce new drugs. Explore new medical technologies, earn a good reputation in your city by competing with other clinics.

Become a manager of a modern medical center in this game. Make diagnostics of patients, help those with injuries, cure rare diseases. Carry out scientific research and test new medicines.

Expand your hospital, buy equipment, build new rooms, furniture, and other necessary things.

Game features:

  • Big hospital
  • Various patients
  • Cute characters
  • Exciting tasks
  • Useful upgrades

Dream Hospital has been last updated in April 2019 and available for anyone to download from the Google Play Store:

How to install Dream Hospital APK [Guide]

Follow the method below to install the APK file for the game Dream Hospital. You can also install APK files from any browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your browser, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should be able to see its downloading progress on the top bar of your device.
  2. Once the download is complete, Open Downloads, tap on the APK file, after that tap on Yes when prompted.
  3. The app will start installing on your device.

That’s it. You are done. You have your app now. Open the game on your smartphone and check if the game is properly working or not.

If there is any query feel free to mention in the comment section. We would love to help you out.

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