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Flip Dunk
Written by Rabia Siddique

Flip Dunk

Flip DunkFlip Dunk is a VOODOO arcade studio game where you should try to sink tons of baskets after making as many laps as you can in the air. With a fairly simple game, fun is guaranteed by tackling each level more and more difficult.

The graphs show each different setup in three dimensions where you will always see a basket. All you have to do is hold your finger on the screen to jump and shoot in the air. However, you must be careful, because if you do not release it before reaching the basket, the ball will not enter and the level will fail.

In the first few levels, you will be close to the baskets, but as you begin to complete the levels, the difficulty will intensify. This means that you will need to calculate the number of shifts you can do more carefully as you go. Furthermore, Flip Dunk will give you a minimum number of rounds to complete to overcome each challenge.

Flip Dunk lets you show off your basketball skills in a fairly unique way. Here, it’s not enough to make a basket without touching the edge. Instead, the game will make you fly in the air to make as many rings as possible and still be able to hit the ball every time.

Flip Dunk has been last updated on August 2019 and available for anyone to download from the Google Play Store:

Flip Dunk
Flip Dunk
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free+

How To Install Flip Dunk APK [Guide]

Follow the method below to install the APK file for the game Flip Dunk. You can also install APK files from any browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your preferred browser, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should be able to see the downloading progress on the top bar of your device.
  2. Once the download is complete, open Downloads, tap on the APK file, after that tap on Yes when prompted.
  3. The app will start installing on your device.
  4. That’s it. You are done. You have your app now. Open the game on your smartphone or tablet and check if the game is working or not.

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