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Legend of Solgard
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Legend of Solgard

Legend of SolgardLegend of Solgard is a hybrid RPG-RTS where you fight against tons of enemies using your army of creatures inspired by nordic mythology. The best thing is that you can do it yourself in your effort through its extensive 1p campaign history mode or connect online and face other players through exciting PvP battles.

Legend of Solgard’s combat systems is much more original than you might be used to. Although basically, your job is to combine the correct alignment of monsters to protect your invocation portal. In the meantime, you will also have to attack your enemy portal. The more monsters you put in a single column, the more powerful your soldier creatures and their attacks will be.

Each of your beasts has its attributes and its abilities that you can use during the battle. Some creatures, such as dwarves, need a full turn before starting their attack, but it’s worth the wait, as they get a full attack point during the process. Others, like bears, quickly attack your enemy.

Legend of Solgard is an excellent combination of good strategy and role-playing games to awaken your interest. The general energy of this plot gives him enough incentive to keep playing. Not to mention his combat system which (by borrowing some features of other genres) offers a new and original interpretation of a rather banal genre.

  • Fight fantasy epic creatures, conjure up legendary gods of Nordic mythology to defeat the monstrous bosses and win the war against an endless winter.
  • Use tactics and strategies to fight your enemies.
  • Build guilds with other players.
  • Collect allies and defeat the monsters of the 5 kingdoms of Solgard.
  • Grow and empower your hero and army to conquer your opponents.

Legend of Solgard has been last updated on June 2019 and available for anyone to download from the Google Play Store:

Legend of Solgard
Legend of Solgard
Price: Free+

The short gameplay trailer below should give you a good idea of what to expect from Legend of Solgard. Check out the trailer below:

How To Install Legend of Solgard APK [Guide]

Follow the method below to install the APK file for the game Legend of Solgard. You can also install APK files from any browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your browser, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should be able to see its downloading progress on the top bar of your device.
  2. Once the download is complete, open Downloads, tap on the APK file, after that tap on Yes when prompted.
  3. The app will start installing on your device.
  4. That’s it. You are done. You have your app now. Open the game on your smartphone and check if the game is properly working or not.

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