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Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin
Written by Rabia Siddique

Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin

Valkyrie Anatomia – The OriginIt is a prequel to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. This is released a few years ago in Japan on both the Android and iOS platform. It is a free to play RPG with a combo-driven battle system that has music from Motoi Sakuraba who has previously done loads of amazing music in many video games. We finally have an official release date for Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin with pre-registrations live.

Valkyrie Anatomia – Gameplay:

The game is split up into missions, with story cutscenes between. The player has to control the protagonist valkyrie, along with a party of up to three recruited Einherjar. While completing the missions, the player is presented with a map of points which cost AP, or stamina, to move between; AP replenishes over time or it can be purchased through in-app purchases. AP is also used to heal after battles or freeze enemies during a battle.

At a specific point on a map, the player has to enter a 3D area; they will fight monsters and collect treasure chests. Combat has the player tapping character portraits of their party when their action bar is full, and swiping up at the correct time to use their special abilities.

A combo gauge also slowly fills to allow some special attacks. Characters use weapons that they have collected from chests and defeated enemies; weapons can be combined and upgraded as well, and the in-game currency is used to increase the chance to generate better equipment. The in-game currency is also purchasable through in-app purchases.

Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin has been announced on April 11, 2016, and available for anyone to download from the Google Play Store:

How to install Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin APK [Guide]

Follow the method below to install the APK file for the game Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin. You can also install APK files from any browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open your browser, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should be able to see its downloading progress on the top bar of your device.
  2. Once the download is complete, Open Downloads, tap on the APK file, after that tap on Yes when prompted.
  3. The app will begin installing on your device.

That’s it. You are done. You have your app now. Open the game on your smartphone and check if the game is properly working or not.

If there is any query feel free to mention in the comment section. We would love to help you out.

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