DQB2 is one more and better in every rule. Analysis of Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2
Written by Kamran Haider

What do we ask for a continuation? May he offer us more and better. That is precisely what DQB2 brings, with new mechanics that add to the power base established with the first delivery. If you have a desire to build, and you are passionate about everything that has to do with Dragon Quest, you are interested in what we have to tell you about this charming delivery. Here our analysis of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

I can say many good things about Dragon Quest Builders, but perhaps the best is that it is one of the brightest ideas Square Enix has had in recent years. Now, after playing his sequel, I’m even clearer. It is a spin-off with enormous potential and I hope the Japanese company will take care of it as it has done up to now. At the moment, DQB2 shows that there is a great interest to add and continue. It proposes a number of novelties and improvements with respect to its predecessor, that is just what a continuation must do.

However, although Dragon Quest Builders 2 does many things well, the best thing is that it retains the essence that made the original great: that emphasis on construction, but not in the Minecraft line, but within an RPG scheme that fits with the narrative linearity of the Dragon Quest saga. In other words, it carries the “Minecraft an” essence to its own terrain, composed of the three pillars roles of Yuji Horii (exploration, battles, and conversations), the designs of Akira Toriyama and the music of Koichi Sugiyama.

DQ Builders 2 is freedom, but inserted within a guided path, with objectives and narrative background. That’s where the first installment found its differentiation point, and this sequel enhances it with numerous innovations: an online coop for up to four participants, a structure based on islands that we can revisit, support characters, number of new blocks and construction options, a faster efficient trip between areas … Many things are unprecedented; others suppose improvements on what is already known. That is, in essence, what this delivery entails: a more and better, but also a video game that is again original and-at least-just as charming.

Time to rebuild the world (for the second time)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes place in an alternate reality, as the first installment. On this occasion, we will see them with Hargon, the villain of the saga, who has created a group of faithful destined to break down our desire to rebuild the world. The interesting thing for the most fans is that they recover locations of the DQ2 of Famicom, in addition to that there is some other reference to certain characters: for something locates its action after the story of Dragon Quest II.

This fan service may attract attention, but the classical and deeply Japanese character of this license must be taken into account. Although not as popular in the West, the Dragon Quest saga is like a religion in Japan, and there are many veteran users who yearn for the first installments. That’s why I was not surprised to see that the map keeps as a tribute that pixel-art essence of the 8 and 16 bits, as well as sounds or melodies that, obviously, have been recomposed for the occasion.

It is a festival of longing, immersed in an improved game structure, really nice to follow. We start with nothing, on a desert island where we learn the basics: build a room to sleep, make something to eat and battle against the enemies that swarm the stage. This is something that the first Dragon Quest Builders did very well, but I like to see that Square Enix does not take anything for granted. You can start with this delivery if you did not even know anything about the previous one: it has been considered as something completely independent at the level of the plot, but also of mechanics.

Keep the essence that made the original great

In particular, one of the things I like most about DQB2 is how it introduces its different possibilities without overwhelming you. It does so intelligently, through an island structure that makes you advance between them, each with a different theme: in one you learn to cultivate, in another you practice mining, in another, you put emphasis on battles … It is possible to return to these islands at any time, and our buildings are preserved. This is something that did not happen in the previous game, which made a clean slate every time you explored new territory. Of course, each island proposes a final colophon, although I already advance you that the complicated video game is not. That was never his intention.

Rather, this installment focuses on having more freedom to explore and stay on their islands for as long as you want. In this regard, you could spend days personalizing your settlement, or go more directly to the missions. Making this decision, focusing on the story or creating with freedom, makes more sense than in the first Dragon Quest Builders, and it is very important. Keep in mind that we can plan and explore underwater, aspects that strengthen exploration. There are many reasons to say that this is a more durable game, which can easily go above 50-60 hours.

Relative to the missions, the truth is that they are numerous and I have found something more interesting than in the first installment. It is true that these typical tasks of collecting a certain number of elements are preserved before moving forward, but I have also encountered some massive battle that has made me think that an evolution has taken place for the better. If another delivery is made, it would be good to continue influencing this part, because it is one of the most likely.

Then there are small adjustments and additions here and there that make our journey more pleasant. For example, the fast trip has been improved, and the addition of a first-person camera has made life easier for me when interacting with difficult-to-access building blocks, while at the same time it has delighted me in the battles with a perspective that reminiscent of the classic Dragon Quest. There are very good ideas, but if I have to stay with one, it is with the introduction of a system of support characters that make you feel part of a community of repobladores. They help you in the battles and perform tasks of cultivation, harvesting and considerable etcetera. It is one of the most welcome additions.rebuild the world

This DQB 2 is one more and better in every rule.

Your role in the game never ceases to be that of repopulating the world. You start with your friend Malroth, but little by little more and more people will be joining your cause. At this point, Dragon Quest Builders 2 becomes a management game, where you must make your helpers happy. These characters will see how they leave early in the morning for breakfast, to later work and finally go to sleep (if they do not get caught in a battle). We must do everything possible to have a field to work on, as well as the necessary buildings. They will ask you for a farmer, a bathing room … and you, as a builder, must satisfy their wishes.

Therefore, this is not just about building, but about keeping your community happy, with which you end up establishing a powerful connection. It represents an important advance with respect to the first DQB, by proposing a system of hearts by which we are increasing the level of our base. If the workers eat well, work at ease and sleep peacefully, they will leave hearts for you to collect, as a sign of their well-being. It is a tremendously addictive dynamic, probably the best of the game.

Of course, we can not leave without commenting on another important addition to this delivery: it’s an online multiplayer for up to four players. Although it is a powerful addition, I must say that I have not been excited about two reasons. One is that the game requires that you have played several hours in the story before entering a cooperative game. Another is that the coop is not for history, but to build on a shared island. An additional, and very important, is that there is no local game on the same screen (or split-screen), an option that would have given much life to the proposal. The closest thing is the wireless mode of Nintendo Switch, although it requires a video game by the console.

Therefore, it still seems a distant cooperative of what could be desired, even though building in the company is quite an experience, more considering the number of new options available. For example, now buildings can reach a much higher height, something you can immortalize with the photo mode and share it on the online board so that other users see and give “likes” to your work. There are also mounts to move quickly between areas, as well as the option to build your own rivers and ponds. Animals that accompany us in the adventure also make an appearance of presence. The possibilities have multiplied, and this you will see from the first hours.

So Dragon Quest Builders 2, although it has room for improvement, it is fair to recognize that it is a very interesting sequel, which justifies that number “2” with a handful of new options, in addition to all the playable bases that worked so well with the first delivery, launched almost three years ago. Good production values, both graphic and sound, including a good location in Spanish that allows the emulation of different accents and linguistic jargon, so common in the Dragon Quest saga. A great job at all levels that we hope will continue to bring more users this charming saga.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is responsible not only to improve many aspects of its predecessor but to propose things never seen before. The new island system, with the option to travel between them, as well as a greater sense of the world, with enhanced freedom, mark a new level in the DQB series. There are many more things to do, with more interesting missions and a feeling of powerful progression, supported by supporting characters that give more depth to this delivery. Undoubtedly, a good continuation that will please not only fans of Dragon Quest, but anyone who is attracted by its fun and addictive adventure and construction proposal.

  • A lot of freedom to follow the story or build up when you get tired
  • The island system is a successful evolution with respect to the previous delivery
  • The missions earn in interest, are more varied and also pleasant to complete
  • The supporting characters gain in-depth, performing more actions than before
  • Enchanting in the artistic and musical: another delight for lovers of Dragon Quest
  • The online cooperative is an addition that is on the right path
  • The combat system is still quite limited
  • The cooperative is only online, and it takes several hours to unlock it

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