Dragon Ball Z Kakarot analysis. The ultimate Dragon Ball game?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
Written by Kamran Haider

CyberConnect 2 assaults the throne of the best anime games with its new Dragon Ball. It would have been easy to take Son Goku and his friends to the fight, but it goes beyond fighting. We tell you in the analysis of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

I didn’t feel very represented with the nostalgic Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trailer released by Bandai Namco a few days ago. I do not conceive of Akira Toriyama’s work as something past, because since I have reason I have always been there for me, whether in the infinite repositions of the series on regional television, the constant flow of videogame launching of the saga or the mere music of Kageyama that accompanies me in my gym sessions. But I know who the commercial wanted to go to: the link with Son Goku and company transcends generations, and those who feel a special connection are the first seeing the youngest enjoying, more than thirty years later, the arrival of the Super Saiyan in the battle against Frieza. They, those of nostalgia, are the ones who will enjoy Kakarot the most.

Dragon Ball is not a minor entertainment brand: it is a successful audiovisual franchise that has triumphed in such diverse media as comics, television, movies or video games. His career in our leisure is surprisingly varied and wide, with dozens of productions released since 1986 and visiting such different genres as the shooter, the J-RPG or the beat’em up. However, in the last two decades, and leaving aside the occasional asterisk, what has dominated has been the fight, leaving exercises remembered among fans such as Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 of DimpsDragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of Spike Chunsoft or the recent Dragon Ball FighterZ from Arc System Works. When Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball Z Kakarot as an RPG action by CyberConnect 2 many were surprised, but there was no reason to do so: it fit perfectly.

The Matsuyama team proposed an ambitious production that dealt with Dragon Ball Z from start to finish, mixing the already known elements of the four main sagas of anime with scenes and characters unpublished in the creation of Akira Toriyama that would help offer more content to fans more staunch. The battles, of course, were non-negotiable, but they have managed to create a combination of adventure and struggle capable of satisfying all the followers of the genre. On paper it sounds great, but does Shenron fulfill the desire of players to make Dragon Ball Z Kakarot as the ultimate Dragon Ball video game?

Welcome to the Dragon World!

Opening the Dragon World to the user is the greatest attraction of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and the possibilities offered are varied: there are dozens of missions and secondary elements to attend, some exclusive according to the character that is controlled. Of course, the variety of missions is not all that you would expect from a game like this, limiting much of them to act as a dump or thug of the secondary character on duty to find specific objects on the map or end with a new threat coming from the army of Frieza, the Red Ribbon or the Saibaman of the Saiyans. Although the reward of reuniting with secondary characters that practically do not appear in Dragon Ball Z is satisfactory. The reality is that something more of variety in the missions would have been great and would have helped Kakarot achieve excellence.Dragon World

I doubt that someone who knows the saga will be able to throw in the face of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot the number of battles in the game since the work of CyberConnect 2 is nothing more than a trace of what was lived in a work in which The fight is practically the main axis of his stories, but it is true that he who expects more adventure than struggles in the production of Bandai Namco may be somewhat unhappy. The way to evolve the attacks of the allies or their abilities, in fact, are reduced to new combats against shadows and the use of the experience obtained, which ends up leading to that to improve in the battle entails, indeed, more fights. I doubt that it could be a problem for any follower of the series, but the action RPG context might mislead users who expected something else.

Where exactly is the adventure in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? Normally, in the intermediate between saga and saga. That’s when you can control many of the heroes of the series to execute missions and commissions for the Dragon World, evolving and ending with Red Ribbon Redoubts, Freezer ships that resist leaving Earth, meeting many of the varied Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z characters that roam in their wide universe separated by sections or looking for Dragon Balls. Without being an open world, each of the areas of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is large enough to be explored in search of all its secrets, although it is true that in some sets of the game the charges are disturbed when switching from one to another zone.

I would not worry much about the charges: it seems that Bandai Namco will correct these problems with a patch that will arrive at the same premiere. The evolution of the characters is one of the most satisfying elements of the production, and accessing new attacks and improvements as we move forward in the story will be one of the main attractions of the software. We will have to invest everything obtained in the missions and the different battles. Will you reach the Goku Dragon Attack? It’s spectacular in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

The strongest rivals

Is there only a fight with the main villains of each saga? No: some enemies waiting on the stage, and when they detect us they will chase us to end the player’s progress, as in other games of the genre. The battle system is a simplified version of what is seen in third-person fighting productions of Dragon Ball. It is adequate and offers enough options to face the most epic confrontations raised by Akira Toriyama in the original work. You can hit melee, launch energy attacks, dodge, and charge, in addition to using the special attacks of your protagonist and take advantage of the combination of powers with your allies, who will accompany you during much of the adventure. As the story progresses, naturally, We will be accessing new transformations that will improve the skills of our heroes.

One of the most attractive elements of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been in the way CyberConnect2 has wanted to tell the story, offering new and spectacular recreations of the most remarkable moments of Dragon Ball Z. It is not only the great work that has been done in some of the cinematic scenes of the game, but it is also the addition of some unprecedented moments in history that have been able to execute with total success, expanding the history and relationship of some of the most mythical characters of The legendary series. As we expand and carry out new missions we are accessing new allies that join our community circle, a board that, upon completion, has a direct impact on the statistics of the different improvements accessed in the title.

There is, for example, the panel of fighters, who captained by Goku, grants bonuses to different characteristics during battles or Bulma’s in the creation of objects. ¿ How to access new levels and upgrades? Using the cards we get from the characters we know in the game and creating synergies between them. For example, if we bring together Goku and Son Gohan we will have a synergy of father and son that will add new levels to the panel; if, in turn, we join Son Gohan with Piccolo we will add another bonus; If we join the name Kiana with his two mergers, Kamisama and Nail, we have another one. How many synergies will you be able to complete in each panel? It will depend on your knowledge of Dragon Ball and puzzle-solving ability.

As you can imagine, therefore, the duration of the work is beyond any doubt: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a vast video game with dozens of activities and missions to perform, and completing it all can take dozens of hours (from Japan the total was located in about 100 hours ) The campaign, without stopping too much in the accomplishment of secondary tasks, will occupy you easily between 25 and 30 hours. How to take advantage of all your adventures without taking into account the story itself? Once you finish the saga of Buu you can follow the adventures of Son Goku freely, accessing new challenges presented by a very special and unexpected scientist.

We have the power!

It is somewhat strange, unfortunately, that CyberConnect 2 has not given importance to some iconic moments to show their good work in FMV scenes, which are somewhat decaffeinated by their poor staging away from the video itself. The plot advances on many occasions with clumsy posters and conversations in which heroes and villains, in a static and outdated way, talk about the future of events.

Combined attacks are always welcome in Dragon Ball: assemble your team and throw yourself into battle.

The action is usually stable during the moments of more action, being its biggest problem in some recurring and long loads already mentioned in the review. The tendency of Dragon Ball Super not to show blood and save some violent moments remains in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, surely with the aim of maintaining a lower recommended age than he would have had if he had shown all his rawness. Do not expect, therefore, too crimson liquid after Piccolo’s Makankosappo to Son Goku and Raditz or the violent death of other heroes and villains. Minor problem, certainly, but impossible to avoid if you remember the original scenes.

The Japanese voices are consistent with what you might expect from the work of the tireless Masako Nozawa and the entire team of actors after Dragon Ball. Highlights the new Bulma and the reinterpretation of some iconic moments that have lived up to their original homonyms … although the lack of music in any of them is notorious. There is only one song sung by Hironobu Kageyama, the legendary Cha-La-Head-Cha-La, but it would have been good to accompany some classic moment with some extra song from the Prince of Animesong. The new soundtrack, updated and inspired by the classic themes of the saga, meanwhile, is spectacular, and the new melodies that accompany fit the tone of the work.

Recreate with exquisite taste many of the main moments of the series

Bandai Namco fulfills everything we could expect from CyberConnect 2 at the controls of the legendary saga of Akira Toriyama and makes us partakers of all the great battles of Son Goku and company. Recreate with exquisite taste many of the main moments of the series and in the playable, it is able to take the Z Warriors to a fun system and in which you will want to continue unlocking new attacks and skills to know all their possibilities on the battlefield before the strongest rivals. Something more variety in the missions would have brought it closer to excellence, but Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is an anime game well above average.

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CyberConnect 2, after triumphing with Naruto, has lived up to the challenge of creating a video game inspired by the work of Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot traces with remarkable success Dragon Ball Z in playable, technical and sound. You may miss the recreation of some iconic moment in its spectacular film scenes and not be too varied in the secondary missions, but grant enough elements in each of its sections to become one of the most prominent anime games of the recent times

  • A playable, graphic and sound tracing of Dragon Ball Z
  • Broad and ambitious: above all other anime games
  • Battle system according to Dragon Ball
  • His spectacular film scenes refresh the myth of Akira Toriyama
  • Little variety in side missions: dump and fight
  • Some sets of the game abuse the charges
  • Narrated and dated narrative scenes: could have given more of itself
  • Some musical accompaniment is missing in specific scenes

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