Dream Engines will Give You a Chance to Build a Sci-fi City and then Watch it Fly Away

Dream Engines
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Developer Suncrash has revealed Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, a science fiction city manufacturer in which you’ll plan a settlement, shield against “bad dream-born creatures” and assemble resources from the surrounding area. When you’ve exhausted one planet—or when a risky threat overpowers you-you can escape, shooting your city into the air and traveling to another location.

Dream Engines

It’s that roaming structure that most interest to me: you’ll keep all your core framework, however, temporary creations will be deserted. The world is “brimming with strange science and dreams”, so investigating is another motivation to go airborne.

Just as managing on-the-ground assets, for example, building materials, you’ll need to watch out for your city’s weight and fuel supply, the two of which could ground you at a badly arranged moment mid-flight.

The game will go into Early Access first, yet Suncrash hasn’t said precisely when that is destined to be. It will stay in Early Access for between a year and two years, and the cost will probably increase as new highlights are added. The Early Access version will give you a chance to build your city, explore various locations and advancement along a tech tree, while the last launch version will have a story-based campaign.

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The dev group, who recently made Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, state they have enough funding to complete the game without Early Access, yet they need players to have their state before release. You can watch a trailer for Dream Engines at the highest point of this post, and the Steam page is here.

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