E3 2019 Predictions: What We Anticipate from the Big Show

E3 2019 predictions
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

We’re edging near to E3, and we definitely know a lot about what will be there. We’re getting new takes a gender at Cyberpunk 2077 and Jedi: Fallen Order, our first look at the Avengers games, most likely a bunch of declarations at Microsoft’s press conference—just as a bit of Halo Infinite, without a doubt—and a few surprises from Ubisoft alongside progressively about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

E3 2019 predictions

E3 is additionally a carnival of shocks, however, and every year we do our best to speculate at what the major distributors have in their back pockets. In the light of gossips we’ve heard and our very own wild speculation, here’s what we think might happen this year:

Square Enix Declares Final Fantasy 16

I think that’ll be the E3 where Square Enix puts everything on the table. The exercise learned from a year ago’s meeting, which indicated new footage of comfort game Kingdom Hearts 3, however, most importantly, uncovered The Quiet Man, definitely has to be that people have certain assumptions regarding what a Square Enix gathering will deliver. That’s this year I think you’ll see Square Enix overload: its Avengers games, perhaps that People Can Fly coordinated that’s been in the works for some time, and Final Fantasy 16. We’ll discover what it is. And, ideally, that it’s coming to PC on the very first moment of this time. —Samuel Roberts

AMD Jumps on the Beam Tracing Bandwagon

After to a great extent dissing and ignoring ray tracing and the DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API for a year back, AMD drops a bombshell and uncovers the 7nm Navi GPUS are really fully furnished with DXR hardware acceleration. The $350 part (RX 5800 possibly?) winds up beating the RTX 2070 in execution, bringing value drops to other GPUs. Nvidia’s Super tease ends up to be a super value cut. Or maybe AMD just says “overlook ray tracing for the time being” (which is almost certain) and discharges an RX 5700 that costs under $300 and competes with the RTX 2070. —Jarred Walton

AMD jumps

Lots of Silly Teasers for Games that aren’t Turning Out for Years

It’s time for the next generation of consoles, child, and that implies teasers for games you won’t see for quite a long time yet. E3 dependably gives us one or two of these, but I anticipate a banner year of them at the Ubisoft and Microsoft gathering, especially from the suite of Xbox acquisitions made a year ago, incorporating Obsidian and Ninja Theory. The upside is we’ll see more non-sequels than expected, as publishers take bets on what they think will be the following enormous thing. —Samuel Roberts

 teasers for games

2016-2017 Impacts Show Up in Full

While publishers mixed to get their versions of battle royale out rapidly, different less important impacts were informing their upcoming projects. Here are the items I anticipate had the greatest impact: GTA Online, Stardew Valley, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks, Darkest Dungeon, Black Mirror, climate disaster, the existence of outer space, Divinity: Original Sin 2, the endless procession of Marvel and Star Wars films, and the endurance of Minecraft.

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And this is what we get:

  • A progressively serious tone to Watch Dogs 3, with a more noteworthy focus on the frightning future tech a la Black Mirror.
  • A farming/building game that happens underwater, or in space. It’s co-op.
  • A new dream RPG epic with sci-fi elements. It’s expected to be a trilogy. Your preferred characters bite the dust.
  • ’80s wistfulness for quite a long time.
  • A turn-based isometric dream RPG. Or two. Or three.
  • The words “procedural” and “steady.” Often in space.
  • A GTA Online-like, aside from sci-fi or fantasy.

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