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Eagle Flight
Written by Kamran Haider

Ubisoft is launched to fly for the first time in virtual reality with a title that may seem quite simple, but that hides a lot of depth inside. Eagle Flight invites us to tour a post-apocalyptic Paris from a bird’s eye view. Analysis.

Since practically the beginning of video games, there have always works that have given us the possibility of flying. It doesn’t matter if it was through a spaceship, an invented character or Superman. But the arcade factor of many of these games prompted us to go beyond the concept and test our skills at the controls by dodging an asteroid field, going through hoops suspended in the air or through the narrowest tunnels. You still remember titles that took this philosophy as Rebel Assault, Nights into Dreams or Star Fox, were to demonstrate our flying capabilities with a stick or a joystick.

But no matter how demanding they were, they could not reach more, because our reflexes with a stick have a limit. Eagle Flight, however, does not have that problem. Thanks to the RV our head and the movements we make with it represent the return of the eagle, and the precision it has takes this skill game to another level. You will not notice it when you are crossing the sky or flying between buildings, but in those moments when you need extreme precision to cross cracks or tree trunks, it is where you realize that the best stick was always yourself.

Moreover, the tests with which I had more fun in Eagle Flight are those that take us underground, to the depths of the subway or the catacombs of the city, as a time trial where you can choose between the easy and the difficult road, with very closed tunnels but drafts that make you gain a few seconds to the clock. And after years of having traveled the most spectacular tunnels (such as those leading to the Death Star core, for example), I think they are the Eagle Flight that I have enjoyed the most, thanks to an intuitive and precise control where dodge at speeds that were simply impossible before.

An eagle in Paris

The post-apocalyptic Paris of Assassin’s Creed Unity that is rescued here gives more of itself than it might seem at first in bird’s eye view. In fact, its recreation despite having a simpler graphics section remains beautiful and with different times of the day that make it unique and special.

Once we started to approach the surface, we found many hidden holes An eagle in Paristo test our skills. The biggest problem, perhaps, is that almost all tests are very similar to each other. To these races between hoops or narrow surfaces are added others where to catch fish or collect feathers with mechanics that, in the background, are the same as the base. But something more advanced in the adventure introduces a kind of “shot” that works as an eagle shout to scare off the vultures and other enemies that we encountered during our life as an eagle, creating practically a game of chases in spaceships, but with these animals as protagonists.

It is a small surprise that does not pretend to revolutionize the VR game, but that goes beyond being a simple exploration game

And although it becomes repetitive in its approach, the open stage that Eagle Flight poses gives game for more tests and takes advantage of them by filling The map of collectibles and, above all, advanced tests, which is where the real challenge lies in overcoming our own records and times. That’s where a multiplayer comes in that offers something more variety to the whole, but that could have proposed game modes beyond the only one that it proposes.

It is a three against three in which to collect dead prey and take them to the nest. The challenge is based on coordination with your teammates, as we can capture prey or chase who has captured it and make use of the shooting mechanics to take it away. It is very fun, but as we say, it is the only way available, and the mechanics of Eagle Flight would have given for at least two more types of games: one type “deathmatch” were to make use of the ability of “eagle shout “to end the rivals, and races through the most remote areas of the city were to risk and go faster or go slower, but surely. A very fun game mode that encompasses all mechanics, although we miss being able to compete in one.

But basically, it is surprising that a title that seems to be as simple as this Eagle Flight, is able to offer an experience as interesting as the end result has been. We remain without a doubt with its flight mechanics, very successful and that solves one of the doubts that were had with virtual reality: if it was able to offer playable mechanics that could not be achieved otherwise. And although the bird flight can cause a certain sense of momentary discomfort when we have been flying for a good time, especially at high speeds, it has not gotten us dizzy at any time at the level of having to take a break.

The result, on the other hand, is a small surprise that does not intend to revolutionize the VR game in any way, but that goes beyond being a simple game of exploration of an environment as striking as this post-apocalyptic Paris, creating arcade mechanics that they take to the field of competition and reflexes, with some moments of brilliance.

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Eagle Flight manages to convey the sensations of maneuvering like an eagle at high speeds and does not stay in the simple experience of flying with virtual reality. It could be more varied and deep in some fields, but it houses more surprises than you can expect with the naked eye.

  • Maneuvering with your own neck gives an impossible precision with a stick or joystick
  • Some tests, such as speed tests, are very inspired
  • Multiplayer is fun but could have taken advantage of new game modes
  • Once you have advanced in some missions, it becomes somewhat repetitive

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