EarthNight analysis, a unique and captivating auto runner

Written by Kamran Haider

Lovers of the arcades of 2D development platforms can now enjoy a rather peculiar new work belonging to that genre. We analyze the title of indie EarthNight origin.

For a long time (too) that a game of the style proposed by the new work of the independent studio Cleaversoft and named EarthNight did not come into my possession. This is a 2D platform gameplay arcade that is part of the auto-runner style titles, a genre that has already left us many classics over the past few years such as the Bit. Trip Runner or Badland sagas among many other examples and great exponents that can be found within this category of titles.

Also in this case and without being a fully original work, it does have several elements that give it enough freshness and that differentiate it from other similar games. And one of these aspects is his roguelike character, which I will explain in a moment.

The developers have not squeezed their heads a lot when it comes to recreating the plot that this product has. The Earth (and part of outer space) has been invaded by an almost uncountable cluster of dragons of different colors that roam freely, beasts that have virtually eliminated every living being from our planet. And to try to change the situation and fix things, two characters ( Sydney and Stanley ) must leave the spacecraft in which they live (?) And reach Earth to end this invasion.

It becomes a real challenge since the first games.

Precisely, this last premise has more crumbs than it seems: the free space fall that the character we selected must face before starting to play. And it is that before reaching our planet it is necessary to cross the different layers (five in total) into which the Earth’s atmosphere is divided, something that determines the level of difficulty that it is necessary to face: the closer we are to the planet, More complicated is the level we have to overcome.

While we are in this free fall, we will most likely encounter a dragon of a certain color that, in the end, becomes the level that needs to be solved. That is because, once we hit him, our task is to travel his entire winding body, from the tail to the head too, once there, try to kill the beast on duty by directly attacking his head. And far from being a mere walk, it becomes a real challenge since the first games.challenge

EarthNight, two heroes, a space invasion and dragons

The roguelike spirit of which I spoke to you a moment ago is felt, and in what way, in the joint game mechanics offered by this production. And although the playable approach is in 2D platforms plan of auto-runner approach in which our character automatically moves through the scenarios, several classic components have been added within the roguelike style proposals.

To begin with, the levels (dragons) that we have to go through and which, after all, become the phases of the turn, are generated in a procedural way. That is, no dragon is the same, so the placement of the enemies, the space junk that we must collect and other aspects change significantly from one game to another.

On the other hand, the two characters among which we have the option to choose before going out to kill dragons also have unique characteristics. Sydney is more agile in general and is able to plan once it performs a jump (and double jump), so it becomes an ideal character for the newesdragonst users. Instead, Stanley is a more sober and limited type but, as we move forward and acquire enhancers, he becomes a machine to annihilate beasts, making him a more recommended character for advanced players.

Aesthetically it is a joy to check the appearance of dragons

Enhancers? That’s. As a good roguelike, in EarthNight we will die once and a thousand times on the back of dragons on duty (and the enemies that they swarm through them). In fact, one of the main problems that can be put in the face of the title is that on many occasions it is impossible to get out of a life of a level, that simple, however high our skill level is. This design decision (unnecessary in my opinion) has been made to emphasize the roguelike character that the adventure possesses since as we kill dragons and collect space debris (from which it is possible to extract the precious water) we can improve the capacity of both characters through enhancers and objects.

Special boots, more powerful swords, food, shields, and other elements are essential to overcome the most advanced levels, which as I have already told you to have an excessive level of difficulty on many occasions. Fortunately, the control of both protagonists is very good and precise, something fundamental, being able to perform very spectacular (and useful) combos and maneuvers with some ease.

This challenging and quite attractive gameplay (despite its defects) has been well accompanied by a very careful visual section … although not without problems. Aesthetically it is a joy to check the appearance of dragons and backgrounds in general, while the animations of the two protagonists are more than remarkable. The problem is that at least the version for Switch has certain performance errors, especially in the last levels, the most complicated ones, and I already tell you that miscalculating an already complicated jump due to an inconvenient pull is very annoying. Of course, in the sound aspect it is more difficult to put any paste to the work done by the artists on duty, highlighting its magnificent soundtrack that, if we wish, it is possible to listen entirely in chiptune mode.

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Without being the best exponent in its genre, this auto-runner proposal manages to offer remarkable levels of fun that are supported by good control, bright and cheerful graphics and a soundtrack that is impossible to stop humming. It is a pity that the roguelike aspect that EarthNight possesses has gotten a bit of a shoehorn and that it is forced since otherwise, the game would have won several extra points.

  • Attractive platform with high doses of roguelike
  • The great differences between the two protagonists
  • It is a very simple but colorful title, and its soundtrack is sensational
  • It’s a “cheater” game, so to speak
  • Enough pulls and performance issues

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