EA’s Infamous Defence of Battlefront 2’s Awful Grind Wins a Guinness World Record

defense of Battlefront 2's
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

In 2017, some poor network director at EA swam into the detonating debate on Reddit surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2’s lootboxes. It might’ve appeared to be a reasonable move at the time, yet that now-notorious remark rapidly got under the skin of gamers from every corner of the internet, gathering an astounding 667,821 downvotes (and, by one way or another, 109 Reddit Gold honors). Presently that oopsie is everlastingly immortalized on your nephew’s bookshelf as a Guinness World Record 2020 honor for most downvoted Reddit remark.

Reddit client ‘- amsha-‘ spotted the record in the most recent version of Guinness World Records and shared an image on the Star Wars subreddit. I had definitely realized that specific remark was the most downvoted remark on Reddit, I had no clue it outpaced the second most downvoted remark by in excess of 600,000 votes.

defense of Battlefront 2's

If you missed the debate when it was ejecting in 2017, the issue was over Battlefront 2’s disagreeable movement framework that constrained players to crush tirelessly to open eminent legends like Darth Vader for use in-game.

As the issue boiled over, EA’s people group started making statements clarifying their intentions, every one frequently assembling a huge number of downvotes. Be that as it may, when it said that grinding for legends was intended to ingrain “a feeling of pride and achievement” in players, shit truly hit the fan and the remark was downvoted into insensibility.

Outrage regarding EA’s greedy lootboxes turned into the defining theme of PC gaming in 2017 and keeps on remaining in the forefront as government controllers gradually examined the issue. Worries about lootboxes molding more youthful players to bet just as their inherent decency have just prompted nations  responding  with various types of guideline.

Regardless of such gamer fury, the engineers at Dice listened to the mind-boggling input and started making changes to Battlefront 2’s movement framework, making it additionally fulfilling and removing the accentuation on plunder boxes. Regardless of whether it had a monstrous dispatch, Battlefront 2 is entirely a really decent place.

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