Eastward Legend: The Empyrean—A Stunning Swordsman Epic that Showcases China’s Gaming Prowess

Eastward Legend
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Eastward Legend: The Empyrean is a 3D MMORPG set at the stature of the Tang Dynasty (around 741 BCE): a period of solid pioneers and skilled swordsmen. Be that as it may, all is not well. Chaos spreads all through the land, bringing an end to an age of peace and prosperity, and making the country’s and peoples’destiny remain in the balance. Heroes put everything in danger to spare the nation and its people from peril and misery. Such troubled times bring forth legendary figures performing heroic feats.

Eastward Legend

A title of immense popularity—only set to grow and spread

A mobile descendent of the legendary Chinese swordsman game Jian Wang 3—a setup title with a player base of more than 100 million—The Empyrean brings a cutting edge to take on Jian Wang 3’s original tasteful and approach. What results is a genuinely enticing game for mobile gamers, giving an opportunity to encounter the excitement of Chinese swordsman tradition and the beauty of Chinese art. As of now a popular sensation preceding to its launch, The Empyrean had in excess of 15 million fans pre-registered as of late May—a number which is set to develop enormously.

immense popularity

Exquisite style meets immersive gameplay

What will strike players of Eastward Legend: The Empyrean promptly is its art style. The hand-render-meets-classical-painting aesthetic—redolent of China’s legendary Tang Dynasty—is presented by excellent 2.5D graphics and draws players into the world with extraordinary immersion. In this delightfully presented world, changing natural conditions, equally top notch, are crucial to each interaction the player has with the world and characters, elevating the immersive playing experience.

In Eastward Legend: The Empyrean, players control characters from groups in the Tang Dynasty—similar to the factions in World of Warcraft—and develop their character, skills and weapons to take on testing dungeons, battle the world and its very own characters and highlights, yet in addition other players—the true network-based part of the game comes to the fore here. The hack-and-slash style battle is fluid, elegant and quick, similar to that of Action role-playing games, including physical and extraordinary skills that can be used to make explosive combinations. There is both PVE gameplay in The Empyrean yet, in addition, a substantial amount of PVP, where players pit themselves and their abilities against others; ideally embracing the community as a result.

Exquisite style

While the Eastward Legend series originally launched 12 years and is an exemplary Chinese videogame franchise, Eastward Legend: The Empyrean has been 4 years in the making. The experienced team behind it committing masses of time and effort to guarantee that everything about the game and its majestic visual style is just perfect. The outcome is a dazzling world populated by fearless swordsmen and famous villains, infused with countless components of Chinese culture, that gives a perfect stage for epic battles and acts of heroism. “We planned the graphics with Chinese traditional art style to make the most significant three-dimensional visual experience,” states Executive Producer Kris Kwok.

Exquisite style

Innovative ‘Mind Mode’ expands possibilities

As an example of the mechanics inside the game and the skills on offer to players, Mind Mode is Eastward Legend: The Empyrean’s most innovative and energizing new highlights. When using Mind Mode, familiar scenes take on a fantastic, Zen-like look, as players travel back and forth through time. This enables players to take refuge from present-day clashes and find hidden treasures and stories of the past, and beyond time and space, in the meantime, in order to advance their advancement.

 'Mind Mode'

An unparalleled gaming community

The wider Jian Wang 3 community is a close-knit one that enables players to take off across space and time to form alliances, join guilds, become students of grandmasters, and, above all, make friends. Oftentimes, these nearby associations translate into real life, where countless enthusiasts have framed friendships, social groups, and long-standing, clubs. This has dependably been critical to the series, so The Empyrean is stuffed with enhanced, social highlights to resonate and empower connections between players. This will just serve to proceed with this community viewpoint with The Empyrean upon its release this month.

Some of the most eager players are frequently rewarded for their help: they get calls to attend special competitions; invitations to Chinese New Year’s parties with the development group; propositions to attend, and even host, major game presentations; and welcomes to the prestigious Master’s Competition. These occasions enhance the franchise’s pull and breathe life into it beyond the virtual realm of videogame play. The most recent Master’s Competition was a sensation, attracting in excess of 11 million viewers from all over China.

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In anticipation of the mobile launch, it is those in excess of 15 million fans who have as of now pre-registered to download the beta version upon its release that will keep on conveying the franchise’s momentum into mobile gaming.

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