Elysium Disco Analysis, a true detective story in a great RPG

Elysium Disco
Written by Kamran Haider

A murder to solve and all the freedom of the world to act as you please. This is the premise of a fantastic RPG that without making noise has become one of the great video games of 2019. In the analysis of Disco Elysium, you will see that this role-playing adventure is one of that genius that is worth playing.

I‘m sure that when you read that the protagonist of Disco Elysium suffers from amnesia you will think that this is another RPG, that his story is the same as always !, but right here lies the greatness of this role-playing adventure; It is quite the opposite. Even when he resorts to such manic themes as that of a dismembered protagonist, he remains unique and brave ; an extraordinary work that comes with almost no noise, almost in secret, to become one of the great video games of 2019. Do you like the role? Then you have no choice but to enter your incredible dystopian world to live a detective story which is anything but usual; an exciting story, at times surprising, with which it is impossible not to get excited. Its aesthetics are impressive, the narrative is a marvel, but this ZA / UM project also gives you the absolute freedom to act as you please. Which includes getting high on drugs to get the best of us … at the cost of losing your life, of course.

It all starts with a hangover so insane that the protagonist of Disco Elysium does not even remember his name, profession or what the hell he does naked in the room of a bad-motel motel. The cause is none other than murder , committed three days ago! But as I say, neither of us remembers our tattered detective. That is not why you made the mistake of thinking that this is the typical excuse to generate mystery on the fast track with a character who knows nothing at all. The Latvian team of ZA / UM takes advantage of this to deepen with mastery the psyche of a man tormented by multiple personalities that will constantly fight to come out and take control. And that’s where you come into play. It is you who engages in conversation with those internal voices, determining with your questions and answers what character you are going to embody. Sounds good? It is only the beginning.

Disco Elysium, an unusual RPG

Disco Elysium is a great video game for many reasons, but one of the ones that have impacted me the most is the freedom of action it offers based exclusively on its formidable narrative. Here there are no combats or intricate scenarios to lose yourself in search of shortcuts to surprise enemies; Just research and talk, explore and chat. It seems limited, yes, but it’s just the opposite. The detective’s personality, with its virtues and defects, will radically change the way we see the world around us, creating situations as unlikely as great.

The essence is the same as you would find in any other RPG, that is, you can use brute force to obtain information or, well, focus on public speaking so as not to stain your hands with blood. However, in Disco Elysium not everything is white or black; there are countless small nuances that contribute to building a story not only out of the ordinary but also, narratively speaking, truly amazing. Your detective can be a true genius capable of finding clues where others would see nothing and yet have no social skills. Consequences? Some of your interventions can be so offensive that you will miss any opportunity to get the desired reward. But the great thing is that your character will not even realize it, because, in his head, he is acting as he should.

The best thing is its ability to surprise again and again thanks to a story that is growing

There are 24 attributes with its own internal voice that you can develop throughout the adventure, enjoying incredible internal debates in which a personality can even propose answers pernicious, plain and simple because they all have their own vices. So yes, as I said you can get high and take speed in industrial quantities, which will bring you certain advantages in the course of the investigations; but this also brings negative effects that can even lead to the failure of the main mission. On Elysium DiscNothing is written, everything can haRPGppen, because the detective’s attributes are not absolute maximums that guarantee success. Rather, your odds improve, but in the end, it is chance, the dice roll, that makes the difference. Something that can sometimes create somewhat frustrating situations, when you have everything to gain and yet the capricious goddess fortune leads you to make a mistake.

Throughout the nearly 30 hours that the adventure can last you will have to explore a great variety of scenarios whose perspective varies a world depending on our character; of its virtues and defects. This helps to increase the replayability because you will always find more than enough alternatives to build your own story. At this point, it highlights the attractiveness of a story that unfortunately comes only in English, which obviously will hinder the entry of those who do not handle the language. We talked about a script with more than a million words, so it was not a simple task for a small group of artists who have managed to create not only a story of great quality, but also build an amazing dystopian universe in which we are one more; A poor bastard surviving as he can.

It is an unusual RPG

There are no heroes or villains with the intention of destroying the world. Just a detective who tries to solve a crime without losing his mind in the attempt. And that’s great. Like the many alternative stories that you can live in the course of the game, writing down in your notebook more and more missions with which to learn to move while you perfect your detective skills … or those that you prefer, of course, because you are free even to believe yourself a superstar, creating new lines of dialogue and new ways to overcome certain challenges. This is the greatness of Disco Elysium; Your ability to surprise again and again with a story that eventually grows and develops with yourself. The same goes for the characters. with whom you interact. Your partner may seem stupid very carefully; someone stretched with whom it is impossible to empathize … until you do, and ends up becoming really that faithful companion you expect. Or not, of course.

You decide in this great RPG that is also spectacular in the visual, with a graphic finish that emulates a moving canvas. The illustrations of the characters, the design of the scenarios, the user interface itself is pure art. ZA / UM has managed to overcome budget constraints intelligently, building a memorable role-playing adventure that at times will make you think of great classics like the memorable Planescape: Torment. However, unlike the legendary Black Isle RPG, Disco Elysium has been even more courageous in putting aside combat. For what? If the important thing here is to live an exciting detective story.

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Disco Elysium is an unusual RPG. With a powerful narrative, this role-playing adventure will make you live a true detective story in which your actions will not only determine the course of the game but also affect the personality of a protagonist assaulted by multiple personalities. This internal debate is a genius that only elevates this RPG to the top. If you take the step and play it, you will not regret it.

  • A great detective story in a world you will want to explore
  • The customization of the protagonist is incredible. His internal debates are a genius
  • Freedom of action based on conversations and the detective’s own personality
  • Chance sometimes has too much protagonist and creates frustrating situations
  • If you don’t handle English you won’t be able to enjoy its powerful history

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