Escape Zombies or Become One in This 30-Player FPS

Zombie escape
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Pandemic Express- Zombie Escape is an alternate kind of multiplayer zombie shooter. It begins with a gathering of 30 players, who must advance towards their way to a waiting train so as to get away from a zombie uprising. The catch is that one of them is now infected, and they’re anxious to share the brain-eating undead love with every other person.

Zombie escape

It’s not as simple as a tag, however. Zombies have special abilities that will help them on their chase: They can stamp human players to make them visible to different zombies and can throw each other around for expanded mobility. Humans can prepare various sorts of weaponry to fight back, and will have the chance to procure more firepower as they go, yet even with that zombies have an edge: They get boundless respawns, and every time a zombie dies, it returns with an expanded chance of gaining an “ultra” ability that makes it significantly progressively dangerous.

That should guarantee that Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape remains a versatile game of avoidance, as opposed to a hold-the-line, last-stand defense—in spite of the fact that, that’s going to happen at any rate. Achieving the train is not the end of the activity: Once everyone is aboard and the train begins moving, zombies will start respawning before the train rather, and the survivors will have to stand their ground and fight off the infected attackers until the train clears the station.

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It sounds a bit battle royale-like, and like it could be a lot of fun: Zombie shooters are extraordinary yet a fake permadeath survival experience with people on two sides of the slaughter is where the real action is. Adjusting could prove precarious, however, that is the thing that an Early Access release is about.

Talking about which, that is set to occur on May 2, which is also when the at present in progress alpha test will arrive at an end. More information about Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape is up at, and you can look at some crude gameplay video courtesy of Baron von Games in the video as above.

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