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Written by Kamran Haider

Inspired by the well-known Attack of Titan series, the Iron Galaxy team confronts us with gigantic monsters in an action game that, as we will see in the Extinction analysis, is far from reaching an acceptable level of quality. Repetitive and simple in its combats, the fight against the Ravenii feels like a lost opportunity.

Fight against colossal creatures in the style of Attack on Titan is an idea that is hard to resist. They tell you something like that and it does not fail! you imagine yourself enjoying a spectacular action game, fighting giant monsters in a succession of exciting battles in which each move could be the last due to such powerful, so huge rivals that they can knock a building down with a swipe. Maybe that’s why it hurt me so much to run into Extinction, the new work of those responsible for the last seasons of Killer Instinct, who sign here a deplorable job that is hard to find something positive. The premise is great: you against titanic enemies; you, and only you, against ogres so big that they will force you to twist your neck to look at your face up there, high up, skimming the clouds. Sounds so good, so epic, that the bump that has been stuck Iron Galaxy team is huge. It’s a shame, but there is nowhere to catch a video game that bad, ends up frustrating indecent levels. I have screamed of pure rage; I have cursed and hated my editor-in-chief for commissioning a video game with which, almost, I do not send the command through the air of sheer desperation. I do not blame him. Like him, like so many others, I expected much more from this adventure.

It is true that in our first contact, in the commented gameplay of Extinction, we already outlined some of the main problems that have ended up condemning the game but, the delusion of me, I trusted it would be solved in its final version. Nothing of that. Even worse! It is simpler and more repetitive than I feared and, to make matters worse, its action feels clumsy due to a crude, erratic control system, which is greatly damaged by a camera that would drive the most painted crazy. There is still some grace, emotion, in the idea of ​​fighting against the fearsome Ravenii, but for every moment of joy offered by the new Iron Galaxy, the game hits you again and again with desperate situations that you would not even recommend to your worst enemy. It would be too cruel a punishment; one of those tortures that really hurt because, I insist, in the end, like everyone, I wanted Extinction to make me vibrate with emotion with the epic of their battles instead of plunging me into the most absolute torpor due to the lack of inspiration, grace, and talent that treasures this production of PC, Xbox One and PS4.

A fight without grace

The first time one of the colossal Ravenii stands before you, you think, “My God, this fight promises to be memorable.” Seconds later you will curse and regret the day you decided to face this challenge either because the hero of the action, the last of the Sentinels, responds in a nefarious way to your orders or, I do not know if it is worse, because the camera will be very often your worst enemy. Rather, a nightmare from which it costs to escape.

You feel awkward, useless, guiding the steps of a hero who on more than one occasion would like to see him dead.

I do not exaggerate. There is nothing worse than facing one of these monsters and, suddenly, not knowing very well what is going on around you because the camera has gone crazy showing in detail the foot, the armpit or the pudendal parts of a gigantic ogre. It is exasperating; as also check that the protagonist’s handling is clumsy. Their movements are abrupt, there is no delicacy or finesse in their way of moving through large-scale scenarios where you can move freely, performing acrobatic jumps or even using a hook to reach the sky in a matter of seconds. It sounds better than it is.fight without grace

The hero, with a tendency to get caught among trees, walls, stones or even people, will stumble back and forth while facing enemies that are equally clumsy but, in the case of the great ogres, pose a mortal danger. Sometimes a simple blow is enough to end your life and, I assure you, nothing pisses off more than dying at the hands of enemies that you easily lose sight of due to camera problems. The situation is aggravated when fighting the most powerful monsters, which are equipped with armor, then you have to hit some locks that sometimes resist more than the account. Again, you end up frustrated. You feel awkward, useless, guiding the steps of a hero who on more occasions of the desired ones you would like to see squashed on the ground because of his ineptitude. The poor man is not to blame, it is Iron Galaxy who has not done his homework, but someone has to pay for the broken dishes. And it has touched him! More than anything, because Extinction does not invite you to enjoy its action. It is a loop without grace, a constant repetition of objectives and combats that in a matter of minutes lose all their grace.

It will be your turn to defend cities, rescue innocents, massacre the minions who accompany the Ravenii and, of course, liquidate the colossal ogres; but it is always the same. The combat system is too simple. There are no combos or special abilities that mark the differences, or rivals that force you to change your strategy. You hit, you hit, you hit … and sometimes, if that, you dodge or jump to kill some monsters in the sky. It is not recommended. If on earth the hero is clumsy, in the air he has less mobility than a stone. Again, you end up desperate. Everything is so simple and at the same time so absurdly complicated, that even the action of climbing on an ogre, which does not require more skill than crushing the jump button as if life were in it, ends up becoming a bad dream. In general, the whole game is like that. I love and I can not leave you with the feeling of being an unfinished work; a project with good ideas that still has months of work. I repeat it. Facing a monstrous creature, cutting off its limbs to make it fall to the ground and, from there, cutting off its head is an idea that fascinates me but, unfortunately, Extinction gets the opposite effect. You abhor their action, their battles, their inane challenges. And it’s a shame.monstrous

The story is interesting, its aesthetic, attractive, and the few cinematic animated film style gets your attention, but it is not enough to overlook its many flaws. At specific moments, when you link several acrobatic movements, you amputate the arm of an ogre, and then you cut off his head, you will feel like a god, but they are ephemeral moments, mere mirages in a terrible wasteland with little good to emphasize. Extinction also presents a rhythm of the action clumsy, forcing you to stop at times fighting the Ravenii to rescue civilians, or massacre minions, since you need to recharge an energy bar to deliver a lethal blow. I do not see much sense in this action when, with time against you, you do not stop moving from here to there cutting arms and legs. The process that you must repeat every time you liquidate one of these titans. Therefore, little desire left to explore the additional game modes presented by the Iron Galaxy video game. There are good intentions but, unfortunately, you do not live on them.

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You face the action of Extinction with the illusion of the one that expects to find exciting combats against colossal creatures but, enough a couple of minutes to realize that the game of Iron Galaxy fails in a resounding way in practically all and each one of its key elements. Its action is simple and repetitive, its control system feels rough and erratic and, to make matters worse, the camera hinders more than helps when you face the fearsome Ravenii. He promised but, in the end, Extinction is sadly condemned to fall into oblivion. There is little to save from him.

  • Some clashes against the Ravenii may be fine
  • Coarse and imprecise control system; bad companion of a poor camera system
  • Little variety of missions; the video game becomes repetitive shortly after starting
  • The combats are too simple, they are not funny
  • The gaming experience becomes frustrating

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