Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets an Extended Combat Trailer, Still no PC Release Date

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

We, at last, got a detailed look at Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s combat during the Square Enix E3 press conference today, alongside an extended version of its latest trailer. While purists trusting the Remake would be turn-based will be frustrated, the new framework appears like something altogether new for Final Fantasy. It does bear some likeness to Final Fantasy 15, however.


Before the combat demo began, producer Yoshinori Kitase made that big appearance to give some more details concerning Final Fantasy 7 Remake. For one, the full game is going to fill 2 Blu-ray discs (that’s particularly 200GB of data)—however, Square Enix has just suggested that the release of the Remake will be broken into isolated parts. Kitase clarifies that the first “game” in the Remake will offer a much-extended look at life in Midgard, the city where FF7’s story starts. Kitase recommended that this new retelling could itself be its own total game.

After that introduction, we finally got a clarification of how combat functions. Like Final Fantasy 15, Remake will highlight action combat. One distinction is that as you attack you’ll develop your ‘ATB meter.’ When that’s full, you can trigger a strategic mode that moderates time so you can starts special attacks or use potions. I actually really like this framework, since you just have 2 ATB charges at one time, so you should cautious about when you spend charges. If you waste them throwing spells (Remake will still have material), you may need to wait to mend after a big attack.

Players can likewise switch between party members with the press of a catch, and everyone has different capabilities and attacks. Different trailers showcased Barret, Tifa, and Aerith in action.

Everything looks pretty good, yet Final Fantasy 7 Remake still doesn’t have a PC release date. Square Enix said not long ago that it would “debut first” on PS4, however, so that gives us hope.

The release date is as of now a major piece of news for the Final Fantasy VII remake, however, we expect there will be more to see of it at Square Enix’s E3  press conference on Monday, June 10. The show starts at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET (2 AM BST on June 11); make sure to track with GameSpot for the most recent.

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