Final Fantasy IX analysis. A trip full of nostalgia

Final Fantasy
Written by Kamran Haider

A trip full of nostalgia within the always warm universe of Final Fantasy is what this reissue offers us, which has taken many PS4 users by surprise. We analyze all the greatness that this “new” version of Final Fantasy IX has.

It did not arrive at the best time. That was the only major flaw that Final Fantasy IX had, one of the best editions of this saga for many of its followers, a statement that is certainly not turkey mucus due to its extraordinary pedigree and sensational trajectory. But what do I mean by that it didn’t come in good timing? Well, it appeared at the end of the long and successful PSX cycle and, because of that, it may not (unfairly) be remembered in the same way as other great episodes of the Square Enix franchise.

A chapter that for many of us marked the end of the Final Fantasy classics. And from my point of view he could not assume a better climax since the entire title itself was round … and still remains on the playable level. But for all those who missed it and, of course, also for those players who want to meet again with this torrent of emotions and feelings that involves entering this role-playing adventure, Square Enix has reissued the production for PS4 in a digital-only format through of the PSN online service.

It is not a remake or reinterpretation or remastering, keep this in mind. It is simply a somewhat “modified” version in relation to the original PSX … that follows the steps of those appeared some time ago for other systems, including mobile. So do not expect to find important news in any way because you may be disappointed with what you will be able to discover in this adventure, although it is true to point out that some aesthetic and playable adjustments have been made, almost all of them positive since my point of view.

A mature and unforgettable adventure

The story that is being told throughout this adventure is, in my opinion, one of the best ever conceived for an episode of this saga … and, if you hurry me, also of most of the JRPGs. The plot is so attractive, deep and mature, to the point that the passage of time has barely made a dent in the interest that revives it. In addition, the way it is taking shape is excellent, something that not too many titles can boast.

Tantalus is a theater company that travels the world aboard a flying ship. One of its members is Yitán, a 16-year-old boy who, besides being an actor, is a trickster and a fantastic thief. Its mission is to kidnap Princess Garnet from the kingdom of Alexandria, one of the two main kingdoms that are part of the adventure (in addition to Lindblum). However, everything changes when this young woman shows an interest in fleeing her home and away from the clutches of Queen Brahne, so she directly asks the protagonist to sequester her. This is how this odyssey begins, a journey in which such famous and beloved characters appear within the franchise such as Vivi (one of my favorites), Amarant or Steiner.unforgettable adventure

The plot is so attractive and deep, to the point that the passage of time has barely made a dent

. Unlike what was expressed both in the preceding episodes of this delivery and, also, in later ones, the setting proposed by this work is nourished by medieval environments. Castles, fortresses, low houses, and other constructions intermingle with the classic fantastic touches of the series like flying ships, black magic and fantasy animals. A very well recreated atmosphere that, at the time, knew how to extract the full potential of PSX, a console that Square Enix managed to master its hardware like no other company. These scenarios enjoyed a truly exceptional 2D rendering, the best ever seen, backgrounds that contrasted with the characters that were seen in them.

The design of the protagonists itself was captured in 3D and, more importantly, it was decided to use a Super-Deformed aesthetic classic in Japanese culture. A really striking result that, in this version, has been slightly revised, being one of the most important developments that have been established in this conversion for PS4. In addition to the increase in resolution, the most palpable is the new modeling presented by the characters who, although they are tremendously square, there is an improvement in relation to those shown in the past. The definition of its contours has also been improved, as well as the appearance of some of its textures, although pre-leased funds have hardly experienced any retouching beyond the implementation of the odd filter and little else.

The result is not bad and, without a doubt, it is a faithful reflection of what was recreated in the original PSX title, so evidently, in the current times, it is anything but colorful. But I insist that we are not facing a remake or anything similar, so this graphic decline due to the mere passage of time is completely understandable.

Keep in mind that it is not a remake.

On the other hand, it has integrated some novelty in certain playable aspects, especially in what has to do with the game options that we can activate from the menu screen. These options are designed to make things easier for the players, so if we activate a couple of them, the adventure becomes a walk in the park since we can from maximizing the attacks of our characters to the maximum (which allows us to kill to the enemies of a single blow) to have money (Guiles) to espuertas, to do without the random combats, to dominate all the aptitudes of the protagonists, etc.

Obviously, these colossal advantages are designed so that all those players who are only interested in following the story, can do so without any problem, turning the title into a kind of “interactive film”. As an option it does not seem bad, both for those who completed the original title and simply want to enjoy its plot again as for those users who do not want to delve into the complexity of an RPG (and less in one as deep as it is) , but evidently they subtract all the grace.

What is not so convincing and as has been echoed by the user community are a couple of problems presented by this delivery. On the one hand, the game’s interface is practically the same as it was integrated into the versions for iOS and Android, which is not optimal for playing on television because it is too big and annoying. The control has not been optimized and is completely digital, that is, although we play with the stick the title only records the four main directions and the corresponding diagonals, handling that can be somewhat strange. And finally and as it happened in previous adaptations for PS4 of classic Final Fantasy chapters, the sound has the occasional bug that, among other problems, causes the audio track to restart after each battle. A defect that will probably be solved shortly by the corresponding patch as Square Enix has always done.

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One of the most classic and revered editions of all these exceptional Square Enix series has been re-adapted for PS4 to the delight of all its followers. For many Final Fantasy IX deserves a complete remake for the quality that the original held and that has been retained in this conversion, but we will have to settle for what there is. An adaptation that despite its small failures is still pure gold for any RPG enthusiast and good stories in general.

  • The story is tremendously deep and wonderful.
  • Some of its protagonists are memorable
  • The gameplay is very complete and there is much to see, discover and experience
  • The interface is somewhat annoying and the sound has several bugs (which we hope will be corrected shortly)
  • The control is still digital and has not been adapted to PS4

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