Final Fantasy XIV Blog Showcases the Outstanding Creature Designs from Amemiya

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The Final Fantasy XIV site has been updated with a new blog entry to show off a portion of the awesome concept art made for the Return to Ivalice alliance raid series. The works were altogether created by Keita Amemiya, the Executive Director of the GARO series. The post is loaded with both black and white and full-color designs. For those who love the masterful side of gaming, it’s an absolute necessity read.


The series began off as “the story of Ivalice inside the world of FFXIV” and was said to be “something totally different from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics.” The end more likely has had quite a significant impact for the numerous fans of FFXII and FFT.

Similarly, as amazing as Matsuno’s scenario, we’d like to share some of the remarkable designs from Amemiya. We’ll be exhibiting illustrations of the boss structures by Amemiya, which were incorporated in The Orbonne Monastery, the third raid dungeon of the Return to Ivalice series.

The Thunder God

First up is the third boss found at the Monastery, “Thunder God.”

Here’s an illustration!


Wouldn’t you simply feel a feeling of majesty from this mighty Thunder God? Such an incredible design!

We’ve additionally got this work in progress draft version of this structure also!


However, in the wake of talking with Matsuno, Amemiya decided to revise this design with a “guardian” feel to it.

It was his plan to have him enlightened with red and blue lights sparkling from below in order to portray the vivid colorfulness of the outline.


Ultima, the High Seraph

Here’s an illustration of the coveted Ultima, the High Seraph. Amazing colors right?


As indicated by the person in charge, they had a real hard time reproducing these colors in-game for the High Seraph, particularly getting only the right shade of white!

Let’s delve into various angles of Ultima through the underneath illustrations

The illustrations from each of the three sides are exceptionally intricate! The attention to detail is so well done. Taking this design into consideration, it’s truly not that difficult to believe that the figure consists of a total of approximately 230 sections!

And did you know a figure of Ultima is currently on sale? That’s right! don’t hesitate to check it out sometime!

Presently it’s sculpture time!


Astonishing precision. Fine details! But… we should take a closer look at one of the specific zones, shall we?


There we go, if you look at the details mindfully, you can see that a female theme was utilized in numerous places for this version of Ultima. This, as well, was precisely recreated in the sculpture


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That is everything I can show off today! The Return to Ivalice raid series was conveyed to you on account of some seriously talented creators. How did you enjoy taking a closer look at the managers’ designs? I, for one, am glad and grateful that you experienced them with me!

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