Final Fantasy XIV reaches the top with Shadowbringers, a masterpiece. Analysis

Written by Kamran Haider

Become a Warrior of the Shadows to face a new threat in this great online role-playing adventure that surprises with the epic and dramatic nature of its history, the thrill of its combats and the brilliant design of dungeons. In the analysis of Final Fantasy XIV Online – Shadowbringers we talk about the best MMORPG of today.

Since Naoki Yoshida took over the reins of Final Fantasy XIV Online, which he rescued from the underworld to become one of the best MMORPG in the market, such as the degree of excellence achieved by this online role adventure that you doubt that can improve more, that is able to surprise like the first day. And yet he succeeds. He dazzled us with the epic of the battles in Heavensward, delighted us with the powerful story of Stormblood, and now directly leaves us speechless with an expansion that is pure fantasy. A more and better in every rule with which Square Enix He has crowned himself in a big way by signing what is one of his best works to date. Older words, I know, but there are few adventures of the style with a narrative load as dazzling as that of Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers; a video game that captures the epic and dramatic story that is not only among the best of the Final Fantasy series but, in general, of any JRPG. Your premise is already great.

We have spent our whole lives fighting the forces of darkness, being paladins of light, but in the world of The First, the exact opposite occurs. We struggle to bring back the shadows to land that lives under the tyranny of perpetual light, which has already lost all hope in salvation. A tremendous a context, with a brutal dramatic load, that does not do but humanize a varied list of protagonist characters that are everything in this exciting role adventure. They feel real, you get involved in their tragedies! immersing you more and more in a dark fantasy story which is pure gold. There are great heroes, of course, fierce warriors who aspire to become the saviors of the world; but this is not the typical story of good and bad, of heroes and villains. Despite the intense light that covers everything the new expansion of FFXIV transports us to a world already condemned, on the edge of the abyss, where the notion of what is right has been lost; where nothing else matters any more than surviving another day or dying without suffering. And somehow, with a narrative mastery that leaves you speechless, you yourself get infected with that pessimism.

From Defender of Light to Warrior of Darkness

With a brutal pace of action that only grows and grows as you get closer to the big end, the greatest virtue of Final Fantasy XIV Online: Shadowbringers is that it never ceases to surprise you during the nearly 60 hours it can take you to complete your main story From the very first minute, the Square Enix game captures you with the overwhelming force of an argument that stands out for the quality of its dialogues and the forcefulness of cinematic sequences that are simply spectacular.

There are still those who believe that an online role adventure can not present an argument of such high quality as that of a traditional RPG; that here you come to exterminate dozens of enemies with excuses of three to the fourth and little else. Obviously not so, there are lots of MMOs with stories worthy of praise, but the case of Shadowbringers is already at another level. It is a wonderful and dramatic epic in which even his great villain has earned a place of honor in the pantheon of the most important enemies in the history of the Final Fantasy series. His mere presence on the screen will keep you with your heart in an expectant fist at his terrible desires.

There are few adventures of the style with a narrative load so dazzling

The design of the enemies, of all those ‘Sin Eaters’ and other creatures of light that you face, is also excellent. Shadowbringers is generally an ode to good taste; pure art in a movement that knows how to maximize its virtues delighting all the senses of the amateur in the world of videogames. The staging is incredible. The virtuosity with which history develops deserves all the praise of the world but is that if we talk about the soundtrack this is simply magical. Another demonstration of Masayoshi Soken’s talent, who signs an admirable job here. If the new of Square Enix impacts the strength of its images, it is overwhelmed with the fascinating music that accompanies us from beginning to end.

The melancholy that comes out of many of the themes of the soundtrack, and the beautiful but also decadent aesthetics of the environments through which we move, are combined in such a way that here the Japanese reach the closest to perfection. Just a few chords of a particular melody are enough to bring out the emotions, to shrink the player’s soul, and this is something that only the biggest ones achieve. Shadowbringers is a great tribute to the history of FFXIV, to all those fans who from the beginning have enjoyed this epic online role adventure; but this expansion is also an incredible ode to Final Fantasy. A great tribute that does nothing but reminds us why this franchise has penetrated so deep into the hearts of millions of players.Warrior of Darkness

The epic of missions

with great staging, one of the greatness of Shadowbringers lies in the design of the missions and the epic of the great battles in which he embarks us. The whole branch of main missions presents not only an impeccable plot base but also an endless number of unforgettable moments that will make us vibrate with pure emotion. The cinematic sequences that dot the action, added to the brilliant writing work of the script, make it possible to face these tasks, even though in many cases they pose the same objectives as always, it feels like the most important of the missions. You want to do them! Nothing matters more than saving a world that has no hope left. And even secondary tasks, which now adapt their level and rewards to the player’s own, present a good narrative that contributes to you also yearning to complete their challenges for the simple pleasure of delving deeper into the history of The First.

The nine dungeons included in the expansion series also stand out for their great design and the spectacular nature of many of their battles that are among the best and most exciting in the history of FFXIV. It is no small thing considering the enormous quality that has always prevailed in this kind of group challenges. The best? Without a doubt the combats against bosses for their ability to surprise us again and again with new attacks; with new threats that require perfect synchrony with the allies that accompany us. What is yours more than playing alone? One of the great novelties of Shadowbringers lies precisely in giving you the opportunity to complete these challenges alone; or rather in the company of the great heroes of Final Fantasy XIV, here controlled by the AI.

This new function responds to the name of the Trust System and perfectly fulfills its purpose. Obviously it is not comparable to sharing adventures with a group of friends with whom you can coordinate more effectively, but for those moments when you do not want to wait, or just want to go at your own pace, the possibility of playing alone results fantastic For now it is limited to the dungeons of Shadowbringers but it seems that it will be extended to the rest of contents of Final Fantasy XIV. Spectacular is also the new Trials that face eight players against fearsome enemies that, in the line of the final bosses, surprised by the chaos they unleash around them. The Square Enix game also includes a new series of tasks known as role missions that give us the opportunity to delve into the main archetypes of hero, relating to the great protagonists of the adventure.

It will be essential to overcome at least one of these mission lines to access the final leg of an adventure that does not lose pace at any time; that keeps the interest high from beginning to end taking you from here to there while you discover some of the most spectacular scenarios of FFXIV, with special mention for those two big cities where a large part of the main trap is developed. Does it taste a little? Shadowbringers bet very hard for the content endgame so that after the main adventure you will still find fun for a while.

The videogame continues to show a high level graphic section

Equipped with the best weapons and protections will be vital to face the dungeons in the new levels of difficulty soon, and for this, it has opted for a new Fates system and reputation that helps to accumulate large quantities of experience and craft materials. All character classes have undergone changes to a greater or lesser degree, with some heroes such as Machinists who have finally become a really attractive option. However, all attention is now focused on the two new classes : the specialists in distance damage known as Dancer, that with their acrobatic movements are able to improve also the statistics of their allies, those who will dance, and the powerful Gunbreaker , tanks equipped with gun sabers that are specialists in taking damage, but in turn can also provoke it more effectively than other heroes of the style.

Although there will still be a time to check how these changes in the balance of power between heroes feel, the truth is that Square Enix has heard the complaints of fans, refining and polishing the abilities of the warriors of light that now it is even more fun to face great adventures with them. The future could not be more exciting because the very same Yoko Taro, author of NieR: Automata, is responsible for designing one of the Shadowbringers raids with which the history of FFXIV is extended. It promises to be bestial! So I have no choice but to recommend the purchase of this expansion that does not detract from the visual. You can see the passage of years in the animations or quality of some textures, yes, but the videogame continues to show a graphic section of great level thanks to its powerful staging and magnificent artwork.

I can only invite you to try Final Fantasy XIV Online

Square Enix has continued to expand and improve the Final Fantasy XIV universe with abundant content that here, in Shadowbringers, show their best side. There are still some repetitive missions, with a fairly simple approach to play, but they are the least in a gigantic role adventure that falls in love with the strength of their plot and the epic of their battles. Neither PvP presents great novelties, playing a very secondary role in the action of the MMO. Despite all, I can not help but invite you to try Final Fantasy XIV Online. You should do it! There are hundreds of hours of content ahead, which will be a challenge for those who are going to take their first steps; and there is also the theme of the language, because it still continues with texts in English making things even more difficult for those who do not perform well with the language of Shakespeare. But the story is so good, so exciting, that any suffering is little compared to the greatness of what is one of the best JRPG of today.

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Each new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Online has made us appreciate more and more the enormous quality that this Square Enix MMORPG treasures, that now with Shadowbringers reaches a degree of supreme excellence. Its portentous history, added to the epic of its action and the fantastic design of missions and dungeons make it the best online role adventure of today.

  • An incredible story that thrills and surprises It’s pure Final Fantasy!
  • Great mission design and spectacular dungeons with epic final battles
  • Dozens of hours of pure entertainment and great staging
  • New classes and changes made to existing ones
  • I could have innovated more in some game mechanics
  • No translation into Spanish, which may hinder the entry of new players

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