Fire is Coming to Sea of Thieves, Although We’re not Supposed to know that yet

Sea of Thieves,
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Sea of Thieves will evidently be getting fire in an update coming soon, at any rate as per Rare lead engineer James Thomas. Thomas showed up on an ongoing Sea of Thieves week after week stream and let it slip that they had been attempting to add fire to the game, to the embarrassment of his colleagues and, in reasonableness, himself.

As senior fashioner Andrew Preston wraps up a story of having a ship sink on account of a well of lava and 15 barrels of black powder put away in the crow’s home, Thomas pipes in with what he accepts is uplifting news for the gaming open at the 1 hour and four moment mark.

“I think the greatest thing we’ve declared that is coming before long is fire,” he says. “Ideally there’ll be something- – ”

Preston goes to him, gazing.

“Is that declared at this point?” he asks, obviously signifying, “this has not been reported at this point.”

Thomas puts his face down onto the work area before them, embarrassed, and Preston blasts out chuckling. What makes this rupture especially diverting was that this stream was Thomas’ initially back following a multi month restriction from Rare’s livestreams—a boycott he got in the wake of uncovering that parrots were en route to Sea of Thieves.

It doesn’t appear as if Rare will have Thomas step out into the abyss for this infraction. Rather, he’s simply getting some pleasant prodding on Twitter.

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