Flip Wars analysis. Jumping War

Flip Wars
Written by Kamran Haider

A Bomberman, but in which we change the bombs for the boxes that spin and make your enemies jump through the air. In one sentence we have defined Flip Wars, a video game for Nintendo Switch focused on multiplayer and that promised … but only up to a point.

They comment from the Japanese company Over Fence that the idea of Flip Wars came from Lights Out, an electronic game consisting of a panel of lightboxes. That device created by the Tiger toy company served as inspiration for Senri Tsunokawa, an independent developer who thought to take that concept to the online terrain, and more specifically to Nintendo Switch.

However, if you walk through YouTube to understand what that toy was, really the resemblance to Flip Wars is quite limited. The boxes … and little else. That is when you understand that it is perhaps not the best definition. It could have been the trigger for the project, but its true soul must be found in another fact, which is the key: there were Hudson Soft workers involved in the development.

Bomberman then comes to mind, not only when you look at this data, but also when you play. Here you don’t throw bombs, but you do jump on squares to push the adjoining ones (with an effect identical to that of the bombs). You even pick up “power-ups” that allow you to go faster or increase that shock wave. It is no coincidence, but neither plagiarism … It is a video game raised on an earlier concept, here transformed to make it new and fun.

Bomberman, but without explosives

Flip Wars is a simple but correct video game. There always have to be four protagonists in battle. You drive one of them, the rest can be controlled by the CPU or other users. Three game modes: one in which you must raise all the boxes that you can before time runs out (wallpaper), another in which to throw your opponents from the stage (demolition) and one last one in which the objective is to be the last one in the foot (survival).

We have an online option that in our games just gave us problems to find other players. In the main menu, a table of classifications and an option for the local game appears, but surprisingly they are shown with the message that they are not yet included. This leaves a positive feeling as if we were presented with an unfinished product.

Still, what we have is interesting. There are different areas, with waves and rays of electricity that hinder us, forming an important part of the gameplay. Similarly, there are three different CPU degrees. There is also a brief tutorial because the truth is that it does not need more. Just move your character, press the jump button and learn to use some strategy to achieve victory.Bomberman

The basis is very good, but the shortage of content is notorious

. Developers are confident that they can offer updates, although it is a mystery. The basis is very good, but the lack of content is notorious. There is no campaign of any kind, only the option to play loose levels. We miss something that keeps us glued to the controls.

The download costs 10 euros on the Nintendo eShop and it is not that the title is lacking, but it is quite modest and lacks personality, also talking about the visual and the sound. Very generic designs and repetitive music end up erecting a video game that is far from advisable, but on which we will not say that you do not play a game, because, in the end, we have managed to have fun despite its defects.

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Flip Wars is an incomplete video game, and that’s the real shame. The base is solid and fun: a kind of Bomberman that exchanges explosives for panels that jump through the air. However, there is a lack of game modes and a sense of progression. He doesn’t have enough to get us hooked, he falls short, but in the end, it contains the potential for fun … even for a while.

  • Interesting playable approach, heir of Bomberman
  • Focused on the multiplayer experience
  • Feeling that you are incomplete
  • Missing incentives to play for hours

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