Fortnite’s next big in-game event is happening this Saturday

Fortnite's next big in
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

So enormous vault unearthed beneath Loot Lake half a month back? Definitely, it’s opening tomorrow. Or then again the volcano is detonating. We’re not very beyond any doubt yet. In any case, except Epic is setting the ultimate red herring, Fortnite players will encounter the next huge in-game occasion that goes before each new Fortnite Season this Saturday at 12 pm PT (3 pm ET).

Fortnite's next big in

As is tradition, close to the finish of every season, Epic teases the following by busting open the space-time continuum with a mammoth rocket, or gathering a chunky purple square, or sending players to the digi-verse to witness a digital butterfly break out of its ‘codecoon’.

In the wake of giving up enough loot to the volcano to send the last runic vehicle key thing to the vault, a 24-hour countdown seemed right over the mysterious maw, flagging a Saturday opening. One more thing: the volcano may detonate, as well. With each runic vehicle come back to the vault, the volcano developed more unstable and started spewing more smoke. We don’t know that what Fortnite Season 9 will resemble and based on how astounding past seasons have been, we’ve quit trying to guess. In any case, chances are that recently vaulted things or two will be making a rebound.

Five vaulted things have appeared on screens in a spring-up research station overlooking the vault burrow site. Those things are:

  • A grappler
  • A Stormwind X-4 plane
  • The dreaded Infinity Blade
  • A jump pad, an old favorite
  • A drum gun (PLEASE, PLEASE NO)
  • A Tactical SMG (why?)

A few players have estimated that opening the vault will kick off a vote that reintroduces one of the recorded items once more into the active item pool. That appears bonkers to me, perceiving how awful a portion of the items was for casual and expert play, particularly with the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers running from now through July.

Fortnite's next big in

The drum gun was a flipping bad dream that slice through buildings like butter. The Infinity Blade was unimaginably overpowered at first and even after a nerf it drew such a large number of players away from the remainder of the map, making for disproportionate matches where a large portion of the lobby passed right away. I wouldn’t be distraught if the plane returned, yet you bet the stars would. I think everyone endured grapplers and hop pads, and I can’t review what the vibe was around the Tactical SMG. I don’t figure most players would mind or notice one way or the other, given what number of weapons have been included since it was removed.

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I’ll be hanging out close to the vault tomorrow, so expect a full report on what’s inside when that sucker opens up.

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