Genesis Alpha One and its powerful mix of strategy and space action. Analysis

Genesis Alpha One
Written by Kamran Haider

The Genesis project begins, in the search for a habitable planet that replaces the Earth in a new galaxy. The trip is full of dangers, so we will have to improve our ship and defend it to explore more and more worlds full of hostile creatures. We tell you how this interesting mixture of strategy and action develops in the analysis of Genesis Alpha One.

I have a certain weakness for the games that demand effort to be able to advance. I do not mean only the difficulty, but those in which to unlock an improvement or access new equipment involve being patient and completing a series of tasks, even if they are repetitive. That’s why Subnautica was one of my favorite games last year. But achieving this fine balance between effort and reward is something that only some teachers know how to measure and I think that Genesis Alpha One is on the verge of achieving this long-awaited balance.

The proposal is more than interesting and it shows that ambitious, which has delayed the game on more than one occasion. We are a crew of clones responsible for exploring a quadrant of Andromeda, Alpha One, in search of a habitable planet for humanity. Although it seems the synopsis of the last Mass Effect, that’s where the comparisons end. Genesis Alpha One is a game of management, strategy, and action, in which to scan and collect the natural resources of various planets to fulfill the mission. And in addition, beyond this approach, history is conspicuous by its absence.

Thus, we have two distinct parts. In its strategic aspect, we must improve our ship with new modules to make our trip faster and safer. In its branch of action, defend the ship from alien invasions and recognize new planets in which to get raw materials, diagrams, and information, while fighting with the creatures that populate them.

The Genesis project begins, in the search for a habitable planet that replaces the Earth in a new galaxy. The trip is full of dangers, so we will have to improve our ship and defend it to explore more and more worlds full of hostile creatures. We tell you how this interesting mixture of strategy and action develops in the analysis of Genesis Alpha One.

Clone Wars

Genesis Alpha One picks up a lot of inspiration from movies like Alien or Starship Troopers, but beyond developing these tropes, it turns the shocking scenes of these movies into playable mechanics. I was impressed when I discovered for the first time that there was an underworld under the floor of my ship. Collecting space junk and resources brings with it species that, without the proper precautions, mount their nests in the conduits and reproduce damaging the ship in the process.

To defend, therefore, our means of transport is vital. So I started creating turrets and shields to automate the entire cleaning process. However, when I thought I had dominated the alien bugs, a mechanical race began to invade the upper decks and before I could do anything to end it, they finished with all my crew. In Genesis Alpha One, every time your captain dies you go to control another clone, and each of them is an extra life until they all die.

The problem is that the game of Radiation Blue gives one of lime and another of sand. It is fabulous all the occurrences that have had to defend the ship, collect resources and explore the quadrant. However, all the management, when done from a first-person perspective and not through a more strategic approach, sometimes becomes too slow.if you die at a very advanced point in the adventure the thought of starting over can end your spirits as there is no possibility of saving the game

Pick up a lot of inspiration from movies like Alien or Starship Troopers

So much that if you die at a very advanced point in the adventure, the thought of starting over can end your spirits, as there is no possibility of saving the game. In a way, it reminds me of an FTL, completely recreated in 3D and with many additions, but losing that lightness that the roguelike of Subset Games had. Luckily, some of the discoveries and diagrams of your previous games will be saved for the new one, making the job a lot easier so that you will not be too lazy to start from the beginning, in that kind of roguelike mechanics so popular in recent times.

Managing everything in the first person means, therefore, many comings and goings for your spaceship, which is getting bigger and bigger. You will have to spend a lot of time collecting and refining resources to get good defense and automate some processes, such as the defense of the ship so that when you reach the most dangerous sectors do not run any danger. And it would be a pleasure to do it, but at some moments you feel, as I said at the beginning, that the balance between effort and reward does not end up being well measured. Each time you discover less progress and, nevertheless, you must devote a lot of time to get the materials over the incentive to unlock a new weapon or a new plane for the ship. Even so, little by little the game is unfolding its charm, rewarding, and trapping in the process, the most patient.Defending each redoubt of our ship is vital for survival in space

It is a truly complex game and full of possibilities know many will think that the same thing happened in Subnautica, but here I saw how the collection of resources was always accompanied by a new biome to explore, radically different and with its own dangers, in addition to continuing deepening in its mysterious plot, something that here is a little less. The planets of Genesis Alpha One are very limited, opening a tiny piece of land that works almost like a “horde way” while we collect resources. Come on, the game screams for having taken better advantage of some of these planets, to have been able to create complex levels, seasoned with some history and action, to give variety to the whole. These are the moments, together with the defense of the ship, in which the facet of action is developed, but in open environments, and if I had taken more care of this section, I would have really caught our attention

And yet, with everything, I want to get to find that habitable planet that concludes this Genesis project, because this fusion between strategy and action, halfway between the defense of towers, the roguelike, and the horde mode, works. It makes it a truly complex game and full of possibilities, as I like them. Perhaps the lack of resources means that Genesis Alpha One has not achieved everything it set out to do first, but it is a brilliant idea that deserves to be experienced (and expanded in the future) if you are attracted to this type of proposal.

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Genesis Alpha One is a game that mixes the mechanics of strategy, action, defense of towers and roguelike in a single experience. In this quest to find a habitable planet, we will have to explore planets and fight against the alien and hostile creatures that will try to destroy our ship. A game based on the effort-reward, in the collection of resources to advance progressively in its difficulty. And although it is not as balanced as we would like, your proposal has attracted our attention.

  • A surprising mix of action and strategy.
  • The constant struggle to defend the ship is very successful.
  • The strategic part of improving and expanding the ship, very fun.
  • We do not finish taking advantage of the planets
  • Few narrative elements, which could have aroused more player interest
  • The balance between effort and reward, ends up by the effort, spending too much time on basic tasks

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