Gorilla on the run … and there is no one to stop him! Analysis of Ape Out

Gorilla on the run
Written by Kamran Haider

Those scoundrels have captured the wrong gorilla. It may sound like the title of a terrible movie but in this case, we are talking about a frantic and fun action video game that you should not miss as we told you in the analysis of Ape Out.

Run as if life were in it. It’s the only thing you have to do in Ape Out. Run without looking back because if you stop … they kill you. So you run, of course, you do it; and also hit anyone who gets in your way because there is no other way to escape alive in this fun and intelligent action game that is pure addiction. Its premise is so simple that it scares: run hit and do not die. There is no more ! and yet, the game does not need much more to catch you a few get. He is frantic in his action, he does not give a second of respite, but above all, it is exciting for the follies that allow you to perform within its extreme simplicity. It has merit, a lot because it builds all its action around two basic actions such as pushing and grabbing, and from there … sweet and bloody creativity. It’s amazing. How with so little Ape Out he achieves so much, creating such great game situations that sometimes you do not even believe yourself.

I have managed to block a missile using as a shield a poor bastard whom I shot to a certain death almost without realizing it. I simply reacted; I acted instinctively, in thousandths of a second, which are the ones that make the difference between life and death here. And this is the greatness of Ape Out. Just run, hit and grab but it’s enough to create lots of short action sequences so funny, so unexpected, that you crave to share them with others for pure pleasure, for the simple fact of remembering -rules- feats with which it is impossible not to have fun to the point that thinking about them leads you to want to play one more game. “Let’s see what happens!”, You tell yourself, and it works. Each game feels unique in ways you would not even imagine thanks to a great soundtrack that responds perfectly to our actions within the game. Everything flows naturally in a title in which rhythm is everything. So do what you need but do not stop, let no one stop your career … or die.

A gorilla in distress whether

locked in a research laboratory or in an opulent skyscraper, your mission in Ape Out will always be the same. Escape. Runaway in a hurry while you survive the shots of your captors. It is not easy. Just a couple of shots to kill the ape and the enemies, damn them! They are counted by tens so you almost have to take the action of the game as an adventure of survival and stealth. Ski them, hide! and kill them when they look in another direction because if you go straight if you go crazy, you’ll end up dead in seconds. It is curious and at the same time great. The new production of Devolver Digitale wants you to be quick, that the action is frantic, but at the same time, it demands that you walk with care, that you watch where you are going since a mistake can lead you to be surrounded by several enemies. And there, friend, there is no escape.

that I talked about earlier come up with. Do you know Hotline Miami? In the line of this frantic action game with an overhead perspective, in Ape, Out you almost move by impulses, without thinking, reacting in tenths of a second to the challenges that are suddenly planted before you. You run like a madman, nervous at the possibility that a stray bullet will kill the ape, and when you meet an enemy … you react. Sometimes a punch is enough to end his life. It’s already history, a bloody stain on the wall; but things are not usually so simple, there are too many enemies ! so it’s about being imaginative. I have avoided in extremis some bullets that had my name written while punching after punch push after push leaving behind me a trail of blood scares

He wants you to be quick, that the action is frantic, but at the same time requires you to walk with care

I have avoided in extremis some bullets that had my name written while punching after punch, push after push, leaving behind me a trail of blood scares Not to mention the poor wretches who, prey to the ape, have ended up turned into human shields shortly before bursting grotesquely when thrown against their allies. Intuitively, without realizing it, you will learn new ways to escape and exterminate your rivals, coming to live situations worthy of an action movie. The game contributes to this thanks to such great details that, when capturing an enemy, it will execute a final shot that, of course, you can use to kill a few more enemies. You can imagine how much fun it can be.

Although it is true that I miss something more variety in the action, Ape Outlooks for the way to surprise with the constant presence of new enemies that will make things really difficult for us. Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and even flamethrowers are part of the arsenal of weapons that will have access to rivals that, minute after minute, will multiply in number to make it almost impossible to advance without involving shots and explosions. In Gabe Cuzzillo’s videogame there are also slight variations in the course of the action itself, with moments in which we can shelter in the dark, even for a few seconds, to avoid being seen; or others in which we will have to run while bombs fall from the sky. If I had included more scenes of the style, and some more levels, the final result would have been much better.

Completing the main missions can take about three hours but that does not mean that the action ends here. You can test your skills by escaping in Hard Mode, which is hell !, or also enjoy an addictive Arcade Mode that challenges you to overcome as many levels as possible exterminating the more enemies better. Taking into account that the scenarios are generated procedurally, each game is different from the previous one, which helps you want to play again even if it’s just a few minutes more. This arcade element is favored by the Nintendo Switch portable mode that, once again, proves to be an ideal platform in this class of launches. Having said that, I can not close this analysis without mentioning the great staging for which the Devolver Digital video game is bet.In the visual is an attractive title with a lot of style which uses flat colors and a minimalist design to recreate a game scenario of the most colorful

The music will go on crescendo until your heart is set to a thousand as it would the protagonist

The visual is an attractive title, with a lot of styles, which uses flat colors and a minimalist design to recreate a game scenario of the most colorful. However, music is the main protagonist in this production of Devolver Digital. With the Harmonix creative director in charge of the baton, Ape Out presents a reactive jazz soundtrack that responds in an incredible way to the player’s actions. Hit an enemy and the symbol of a battery will sound; he flees in a hurry and the rhythm of the music will go in crescendo until, without realizing it, your heart is set to a thousand as it would the protagonist of the action. And it’s great. The changes of rhythm, the way in which the percussion moves you so accurately to each stage, to each moment of the fight, is worthy of praise. And for all these details it is worth the trouble to throw the glove to the game.

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They ask you to run away, to run incessantly to save the gorilla, and you do, but Ape Out is so funny, so frantic in his action, that no matter how evil it sounds, you want them to re-close the poor primate just for ” try it one more time. ” So good is this arcade action video game that although it sins of lack of variety, it manages to catch a few thanks to its fast pace and its fantastic soundtrack.

  • The trepidante rhythm of the action. Once you start you can not stop
  • Despite its simplicity, it is a game that allows you to be “creative” overcoming your challenges
  • Arcade mode helps to extend the duration of the game
  • It lacks more variety in the action and some extra missions

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