Hearthstone pro Caught Playing Auto Chess During Grandmasters Association Match After Committing Enormous Error

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

We still can’t seem to build up the first Bo Jackson of esports, however Linh “Seiko” Nguyen, a Hearthstone Grandmaster from Germany, gave it a shot this end of the week to heartbreaking outcomes.

Hearthstone pro

Here are the realities as we get them. Seiko was playing a Hearthstone competition coordinate against individual expert Elias “Bozzzton” Sebelius. Through the span of that coordinate, Seiko could be routinely observed gazing down at his lap, away from his PC screen, and appeared to be commonly unfocused and disengaged from the activity on screen. This prompted various misplays, causing Seiko to toss the game.

TwitterThat by itself would be abnormal enough, however after the savagery, Seiko unveiled on Twitter that he was all the while playing a qualifier for the $1,000,000 Auto Chess competition during his Hearthstone duties. The web quickly began cooking him for his absence of order, the excessively eagerness of attempting to guide two requesting technique games immediately, and the cloudy waters he was digging in for courting disaster in any case.


As somebody who has pursued Hearthstone esports for quite a while, I for the most part locate this truly amusing. At the point when Hearthstone was perhaps the greatest game on Twitch, League of Legends streamers would routinely mess around during their performance line personal time as an approach to show off their plate turning aptitudes, and it’s funny to see that trick back its head again when there’s a lot of cash on hold.

That being stated, there are a few people in the network who are justifiably miffed. Simon “Sottle” Welch, who is the best Hearthstone caster we have, got Seiko out following the counterpart for unprofessionalism, and was significantly progressively open about his disappointment on Twitter, saying, “Seiko’s activities were extremely offending to the GM program and to a large number of players who might slaughter to be in position.”


What’s more, guess what? That is absolutely reasonable. As Hearthstone beat correspondent Tom Mattheisen referenced over at Inven, Blizzard has clarified that the Hearthstone Grandmasters is the zenith of their game, and it feels somewhat modest and nullifying to the sacredness of rivalry to hamstring your concentration with a completely extraordinary game in a match.

Here’s the place things get considerably progressively bizarre, however. Blizzard’s Hearthstone esports head Drew Higbee issued a reaction himself, conceding that Seiko had told the higher-ups that he was taking an interest in the Auto Chess section, however that the desire was that he was going to play in that competition around his Hearthstone obligations, not during them.

“The desire is that players should be altogether present for their Grandmasters Matches,” clarified Higbee. “That being stated, we recognize and apologize that our reaction to Seiko clearly induced perplexity and our correspondence will be all the more clear later on.”

Also, obviously, Seiko himself posted the standard sorry Twitlonger, and joyfully lashed himself.

“I truly thought I had enough practice, that I could deal with playing the two games without giving a lot of consideration to Auto Chess. Tragically it took a lot of consideration however, which didn’t wind up well in Hearthstone,” he composed. “I got truly rebuffed for this and lament that I couldn’t assess the circumstance effectively. Despite the fact that it sucks to discard a very long time of training to pass on the qualifier I was anticipating to such an extent. I should’ve known it’s the best activity. I discovered that I can’t deal with the two games simultaneously and despite the fact that it harms as somebody who preferences contending I should drop from the qualifier to not lose my fundamental core interest.”

So fundamentally, it’s a monster upset two adversary esports scenes and one over-yearning player. In any case, as somebody who recollects the show over Deion Sanders taking Atlanta Braves at-bats during his Falcons profession, I cherish it. We’ve at long last got our first master gaming multisport contention. We’ve made it, child!

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