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Portable whistle
Written by Kamran Haider

We were pretty clear that HEY! Pikmin wasn’t going to look too much like previous titles. It is a portable version, and as such should be adapted to the features of Nintendo 3DS. The result, as you will see is its analysis, which is a video game without the depth of the numbered deliveries, but still interesting to discover.

It was quite obvious that adapting Pikmin to a portable device like Nintendo 3DS would bring quite a lot of changes … or, rather, a real reformulation. The truth is that it does not catch us by surprise. It is usually the best solution in these cases, opting for a different route that still manages to maintain the essence of a certain franchise.

Basically, what has been done in Hey! PIKMIN is to change the exploration in zenith view for a 2D platform approach while maintaining identity keys. Pikmin recruiting, finding objects, presence of enemies and, of course, helping Olimar repair his ship. This adaptation contains all those ingredients, arranged in a new format that could be said to connect better with the younger audience of the Nintendo portable platform.

We do not mean that it lacks depth, but the mechanics have been simplified. We do not claim to be a walk, although it is not the same as numbered deliveries. Therefore, when approaching this title, the most convenient thing is to set aside expectations and prejudices. The work of the Japanese of Arzest does not pretend an evolution of the series ( Pikmin 4 could take care of that ), but to discover a new way to play with it … which certainly still contains good doses of fun.Portable whistle

Portable whistle

Hey! Pikmin recovers the concept of finding Pikmin and launching them to advance through several levels spread across a total of six regions. The main difference with respect to other videogames in the saga is that here we handle Captain Olimar in a lateral scroll, with the touch screen dedicated to the launch of the creatures that we find.

The interesting thing is that the system is accurate. Where you play your Pikmin will stop. And there are different types: there are those that are resistant to electricity, those that dive, those that break rocks, those that fly … The variety is guaranteed and is one of the aspects that work best in the video game, with situations that depend on the use of one type or another of Pikmin.

Of course, the depth and complexity decrease with respect to other video games in the franchise, although this does not mean that the difficulty curve is non-existent. There are labyrinthine designs and some other situation that forces you to stop and think. Advancing through the levels is not complicated, but reaching 100% in the game is a challenge. It should not cost you much to help Olimar return to his home (the poor man has crashed again on an unknown planet), but to find the various scattered objects in each area.

Arzest’s work does not pretend an evolution of the series, but to discover a new way to play with it

The approach is simple. You control Olimar, recruit Pikmin and interact with them until you reach the end of each level. You just have to take into account a few actions: the movement of our protagonist using the directional stick, the pressure of a whistle to call your friends of colors, and the touch screen to launch them to the point you want. As good platforms it is, here the skill prevails, leaving aside the tactical-strategic management.

The interesting thing is that, despite this, Hey! PIKMIN is still interesting. The game encourages you to finish each level with the highest number of Pikmin because they serve as a workforce in a kind of garden where you can continue to get lustronio with which to escape from the planet in which you are trapped. Then there are small tests and final bosses that add different layers of variety to the whole, creating a satisfactory experience.

Arzest developers, specialists in working with portable devices, have done a good job. One who does not want to be ambitious or gain prominence in the Pikmin series, but who defends himself to propose his own approach. From that perspective, it is understood that it is not visually pointer ( does not use the 3D effect ), with a design that does not impress, but that does not disappoint either.

In short, a title focused on expanding the series, rather than continuing it. It is a stop along the way, experimentation in the portable field that means Nintendo 3DS and that … who knows, could give some interesting ideas for the future of the license. It has good intentions and some are well exploited. He only needs to have recovered the robustness and depth of the originals, although he would also have to consider whether his audience is the same. That task … we let you discover it and value yourself.

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The Japanese of Arzest perform an interesting adaptation work of the possibilities of Pikmin to Nintendo 3DS. The video game lacks the playable depth of the previous games, but its proposal is novel and enjoyable, especially if it is your first time with this license. It could have been better? Surely, and it is that strong feeling of lack of ambition that drives away Hey! PIKMIN of his older brothers.

  • Interesting adoption of the 2D platform platform
  • Good variety of situations, including final bosses
  • The Pikmin garden is a great and successful incentive
  • Lack of playable depth
  • It moves away from previous Pikmin in terms of quality

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