Hunting monsters manganime style. Analysis of God Eater 3

God Eater 3
Written by Kamran Haider

The new Aragamis hunt starts with the arrival of God Eater 3, the expected new installment of the well-known Bandai Namco franchise. We analyze everything that the Marvelous game offers us.

Without being the most beloved or famous franchise, not even remotely, of all that Bandai Namco has, God Eater enjoys a base of loyal fans who enjoy the arrival of each new delivery. Here we have God Eater 3, the third edition of this action adventure with a strong cooperative component, an odyssey that has been designed for both PS4 and PC.

A delivery that I already advance you that, despite being the first designed exclusively for home systems, is quite continuous. A very understandable decision taken by the neophyte study in these cases, Marvelous, but which brings with it certain defects inherited from past editions. Even so, God Eater is a very enjoyable title to little that you like this type of productions focused on the indiscriminate hunting of monsters of large dimensions.

The plot offered by the game is quite predictable and, why not say it, somewhat “light”. Of course, from a certain point, things are encouraged … but not too much. In a world devastated by the Aragamis, beasts that roam freely around the planet, we assume the role of very special prisoners. Yes, because we are forced to become God Eaters, that is, hunters of such monsters. And it is not just any, what is going on, given that when carrying out the corresponding process we discovered that we are a new variant called Adaptive God Eaters which is difficult to “get”.

Hunters, better in company

From the beginning of the game, it is possible to recreate and personalize our protagonist in many different areas already common in other productions (name, sex, appearance, etc.). A feature that with the passage of time and the succession of missions is possible to get to customize even more, given that other elements such as main and secondary weapons, the team and others are coming into play.

The gameplay that God Eater 3 follows is very simple. It is up to us to choose the mission we want (either main or secondary) from the terminal on duty and leave aside the prison in which we are to go in search of the corresponding Aragamis. A very corseted scheme inherited from past deliveries that can become quite monotonous with the passage of time … as it happens with the approach of the tasks to be performed, very similar to each other.

Fortunately, the hunts that the adventure offers us are very rewarding or, at least, it seems that way. And here it is necessary to point out that it is possible to carry out both offline (where we usually go accompanied by allies controlled by the CPU) and, most advisable, opt for the online cooperative mode of God Eater 3 that can hold up to four God Eaters at the same time in the main modality, or even eight in the Assault mode.Monster Hunter or Toukiden

The online cooperative can hold up to four God Eaters at the same time in the main modality and up to eight in the Assault mode

Once put into slaughter, the truth is that God Eater 3 is an adventure that offers us some more direct confrontations and much less tactical than those experienced in other similar games ( Monster Hunter or Toukiden are the first ones that come to my mind). Those users who enjoy the previous installments of the saga will feel at home because the basic scheme of the game is very similar, some clashes where the so-called God Arcs or Celestial Weapons monopolize an absolute protagonist.

There is a good sum of these special weapons: swords, clubs, spears, hammers, broadswords, etc. Each one presents its corresponding attributes and, also, they have the capacity not only to transform themselves and go from being used as knives to launching bullets of several different types: they can even devour the Aragamis!

The combats enjoy a fast pace and far from being cumbersome and spread over time, they are very dynamic and exciting. They are perfect? Unfortunately not, since on the one hand the camera does not show how reliable it should be and, on the other hand, I have noticed a certain lag in the response of the protagonist’s control, nothing serious (I am probably milliseconds) but that should be solved using the corresponding patch so that the gameplay will win even more in fluency.

The God Eaters enjoy a set of movements, actions, and very extensive attacks, being possible to adapt the combat style to the beasts that we have to face in each moment. Undoubtedly, these combats focus all the attention of the adventure and are very entertaining in general.

Beyond the hunts, God Eater 3 also allows us to interact with other characters (conversations that take place in English or Japanese with texts in Spanish ), market to acquire new items, explore the funds in search of useful materials … and little else, the truth. It is not the most varied adventure in the world, that is clear, although this fact is more linked to the genre itself than to the design of this game. But in spite of that, once you immerse yourself in the world of the God Eaters, it is very entertaining to go out and hunt Aragamis, beasts that by the way stand out for their variety.irregular graphic section

However, one of the main drawbacks or defects that can be faced in this work has to do with its irregular graphics section. Yes, given that although it is not a disaster, of course, the already outdated Yebis3 graphics engine has not allowed developers to capture characters and scenarios endowed with a great level of detail … rather the opposite.

In the positive balance, it is necessary to place the aesthetic line held by the main characters (well profiled) as well as the different Aragamis, whose appearance is sometimes really intimidating. The atmosphere of apocalyptic cut is not badly recreated either, although I have missed a greater variety of environments. However, everything else leaves much to be desired, from the textures that cover the costumes of the characters (that sometimes show up to something pixelated) to the general lighting and special effects, defects that make spectacular the battles. It is not a bad title from a graphics point of view nor does it involve transcendent technical errors: it simply does not stand out in the visual at all.

Fortunately, the sound radically improves the features offered by the visual finish. At the outset, it is possible to enjoy a great dub in Japanese and another not so achieved but that is not bad in English (with subtitles in Spanish as I mentioned before in the analysis). A work that has been well accompanied by a very rich collection of effects and a soundtrack that, without being masterful, does give us a good amount of well-composed themes that accompany the action without being tired at any time.

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It is indisputable that God Eater 3 can dispense some really entertaining times fighting and giving their deserved to the Aragamis on duty. And more if we play in the company of other online allies, being precisely that option where lies the main claim of this Bandai Namco production. Of course, do not expect to find too many surprises or changes in relation to what was established in the last installment or, even less, enjoy a dazzling graphic finish because it is a fairly humble production in this regard. But, what is said, have fun if you like this type of game offers.

  • The cooperative mode is very entertaining.
  • The God Arcs are as abundant as lethal in combat.
  • Notable sound facet, highlighting the dubbing in Japanese (with subtitles in Spanish).
  • Multitude of missions to carry out.
  • The technical section is burdened by its antiquated graphics engine.
  • The control is somewhat “lazy” “and shows some lag.
  • The weight novelties that it incorporates are very slight.


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