Independent Antivirus Testing Lab Releases Another Real-World Protection Report

Independent antivirus testing
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

AV-Comparatives, an independent testing lab that normally evaluates antivirus software, has released another report outlining how over twelve popular AV programs fared in genuine testing. The real-world protection test is one of the few evaluations that AV-Comparatives keeps running consistently. In May, for instance, the company published a report on execution data, and in the months earlier it took a look at overall malware protection, false cautions, and so forth.

Independent antivirus testing

They all issue to a degree, however, this present reality protection test is one of the more strong of the bunch, as far as completely utilizing an AV program. For this specific round of testing, AV-Comparatives enables all protection highlights an item offers to prevent infection, as opposed to focusing on, state, simply heuristic file scanning.

“A suite can step in at any phase of the procedure –accessing the URL, downloading the file, formation of the file on the nearby hard drive, file access and file execution—to protect the PC. This implies that the test accomplishes the most realistic method of determining how well the security item protects the PC. Because all of a suite’s components can be used to protect the PC, it is possible for an item to score well in the test by having, for example, very good behavioral protection, yet a weak URL blocker,” AV-Comparatives clarifies.

Things being what they are, how did the programs fare? Three of our ‘best antivirus for PC gaming’ picks earned an Advanced+ identification from AV-Comparatives, the highest it offers. Those incorporate Bitdefender (our top choice), Avira, and Kaspersky. Our solitary pick that didn’t make the cut is Webroot, which AV-Comparatives did exclude in its roundup.

Regardless of whether you want to install and run a third-party AV suite, free or paid, is another point. In case you’re wondering, Microsoft’s Defender program earned an Advanced award, the equivalent of a silver award. It blocked 99.8 % of the malware AV-Comparatives pinged it with, which is adequate for an Advanced+ award, yet slipped as a result of a higher number of false positives than the top-performing programs.

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Check out the full report to dive further into how the tried AV programs performed, alongside AV-Comparatives’ testing methodology.

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