Infernal Brain Training Analysis. A hell where to learn a lot!

Infernal Brain
Written by Kamran Haider

Welcome back, Dr. Kawashima! We wanted to dedicate these words to him; What was your desire to meet again with the nice and relentless protagonist of the Brain Training series, this time on Nintendo 3DS, with a video game that tests our mind and ability to concentrate with the toughest challenges. Accept the challenge ! and have a good time, with this title that will eventually make you feel better about yourself. Infernal Brain Training Analysis.

We live surrounded by distractions and the worst part is that sometimes we don’t even realize it. Constantly browse the mobile phone, thoroughly explore social networks every five minutes!, Or take a look at the email, if not we try to survive the incessant noise that comes through the windows. Working or studying almost has become a high-risk activity because of how difficult it is to concentrate. Solution? Nintendo and the famous protagonist of the successful Brain Training series, Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, give us the opportunity to improve our ability to concentrate with a series of challenging challenges encompassed in the so-called ” Infernal Practice .” It’s not like to take it as a joke.

With his usual sense of humor and a marked didactic character, the devilish Dr. Kawashima who receives us in this new Nintendo 3DS video game wants to make us have a bad time, but in a good way, with a handful of tests that seem to arise from the mind of a true psycho. Some are terrible! especially if the numbers are damn bad for you as is my case, but the great virtue of Dr. Kawashima’s Infernal Brain Training is that in one way or another you feel that you are progressing; that challenge after challenge, practice after practice, your skill with numbers and letters improves substantially. And what an incredibly satisfying sensation that justifies all that “suffering” prior to which this new incarnation of the teacher submits to you, literally turned into a demon.

This is hell!

The style of the tests is very similar to the previous incarnations of Brain Training, although in this case, the challenge is much greater. Take as an example Infernal Calculation, the first challenge that the videogame faces you and may, also, the one that has made me suffer the most. The premise here is to solve simple mathematical operations … but not immediately! You keep in your memory the answer to a problem and solve it once you have a different one in your head. Are you good at it? Well, then you will have to memorize two, three or even four previous results every time at a faster speed. And I don’t need to tell you how hard it can be, especially if by chance you lose your concentration and forget one of the previous operations. It is really an infernal challenge but to which you gradually get used to it; notes that your mind is better prepared, more agile and concentrates better on operations, which ultimately is the primary objective of this title.

Learn, improve, while having a good time. And this is just one of the eight infernal tests to which this videogame submits, which only requires you five minutes a day to take advantage of the benefits of the program. It is another detail that I like. Although it is an obligation, although you need to be constant to progress, because you only level up if you reach very high success rates in each test, this new Brain Training has enough fun to make the experience enjoyable. There is more exciting evidence than others, it is true, but in general, all of them pose challenges that end up engaging. Infernal Hideout, a crazy version of the cat and mouse game, or Infernal Vessels, with their peculiar way of facing the game of the trailers, they are a good example of this.This is hell!

It is a complete video game, with many challenges, but of irregular quality.

You have fun, learn and want more; Continue to progress in a video game that, apart from these special challenges, includes other tests more typical of the previous Brain Training, although after a few days they know little. There is Bactericide, the version of Dr. Mario in this title, or the Support Practices, with tests such as Calculation 20, Fugitive Words or Sumón among others to speed up the mind just as the original videogame did. To that end we also find Brain Practice, which introduces eight mini-games – some new ones, old acquaintances – for identical purposes: Musical Recital, Retentive, alternative versions of the Solitaire or even the King of the Hill are some of the options available.

This is, therefore, a complete video game, with many challenges, but of irregular quality. There are very funny and others not so much; of those that you try and you almost don’t feel like enjoying them again. It is one of the main drawbacks of this Brain Training Infernal, which also shows something slow when it comes to unlocking all its contents. You need several days, to overcome their challenges and level up, to open all the tests, so it is possible that in some moments you may even feel frustrated, having nothing new to face. This is also a fairly conservative game that brings few novelties, beyond the growing challenge of its hellish challenges, compared to the previous episodes of the franchise. It is not something negative per se, although some courage is missing when it comes to presenting their challenges in a more original way

With some seminars and fun facts with which to entertain the game sessions, Brain Training can sometimes be something “heavy” in the sense of repeating the same instructions over and over again, almost as if the program does not trust your ability to retain all that information after several game sessions. Of course, the option of accelerating Dr. Kawashima’s ranting, which has been brilliantly dubbed into Spanish, remains by Alfonso Vallés, the voice of Snake in the classic Metal Gear Solid or General Pepper in Star Fox Zero, but it becomes somewhat tiresome. At specific moments of the game, I have also noticed that the handwriting recognition program on the touch screen is not always as accurate as it should be or, rather, it is something capricious, by confusing certain letters or numbers if they are not written in a very specific. It is not always easy when time is against you and you must act quickly.

Nevertheless, the experience with Brain Training Infernal has been most rewarding. It’s a stimulating challenge that you feel has effects on your mind, and I think it’s the most important thing. Yes, more news, more tests are missing, but as a didactic program, rather than as a videogame, the new Nintendo is a recommended work. Too bad that in Europe we had to wait so many years to enjoy this title.

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Test yourself with Dr. Kawashima’s new challenges in this Nintendo 3DS video game that makes your mental acuity, and ability to concentrate, substantially improve after several practice sessions. It is the greatest strength of a title, perhaps too conservative, that knows how to entertain with tests as challenging as fun

  • The hellish challenges are a great challenge, but they are rewarding
  • Feeling that practice helps improve your ability to concentrate
  • Great dubbing in Spanish. Listening to Dr. Kawashima’s lessons is a pleasure
  • Add a few news regarding other Brain Training
  • Sometimes it fails to detect the numbers and letters you write
  • More challenges are needed to encourage the practice

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