Jalopy, the Eastern European Road Trip Game, is Free on the Humble Store

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Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Jalopy, the “haunting piece of Eastern Bloc nostalgia” about a road trip from Berlin to Turkey in breakdown-inclined Laika 601 Deluxe, is free for the taking for the next few days on the Humble Store. The most recent Humble giveaway marks the start of the store’s Spring Sale Encore, which highlights hundreds of games back on sale for the coming next four days.

Humble Store

The Jalopy road trip isn’t about simply driving a car: You’ll have to gather it first, and keep it running, fixed, and fueled as you walk through a bleak, procedurally produced landscape. Our 2017 hands-on paints a horrid portrait of the crumbling framework, loneliness, and stoic introspection:

“When I, at last, reach Yugoslavia, the game shows off the beachfront region—something I’ve never observed before. But the roads still feel familiar. They twist in weird and dangerous ways, while stone slope over them. It’s nowhere in Yugoslavia; it’s everywhere in Yugoslavia. I look at the sea and reflect upon my adventure. Have I changed like my Laika has? Different within, with just the shell still the same? The car breaks down again and I’m reminded that no, it’s as yet the piece of trash it has always been.”

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In Jalopy, the player character and his uncle are heading towards Turkey, where his uncle needs to be dropped off in Istanbul. A “jalopy” refers to a car that’s old and scarcely functional, so it’s fitting the game rotates around your car, a Laika 601 Deluxe that as often as possible breaks down and requires constant monitoring. From the amount of weight in your trunk to the condition of the car’s engine, each factor influences how well your car will charge against the difficulties of the road. You can update your car’s parts, yet you’ll have to discover the money for it first.

“It’s an excellent sign for a game when even losing is entertaining. Even when you discover yourself on the wrong side of an awful decision, gazing at a broken bridge mile from anyplace with no fuel, in the rain while the sun is setting, you can’t resist but laugh,” said Danny O’Dwyer in GameSpot’s video review of Jalopy. “Like a banged-up car, [the game] is testing, yet Jalopy has a magnificent sense of charm.”

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There is a story underlining the strange road trip taken by your character and his uncle, yet it’s best to simply dive in and experience what Jalopy is all about for yourself–particularly since it’ll cost you nothing to do so as such for the next few days.

Not actually the new Grid, at the end of the day, however, at the value I imagine we can all afford a little bit of experimentation. Jalopy is free until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on May 25, while the Humble Store Spring Sale Encore will keep running until the similar time on May 27.

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