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Kofi Quest Alpha MOD
Written by Kamran Haider

Comedy and videogames are genres that rarely manage to shake hands and walk-in time. However, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD has managed to seduce me with a mix of real-time role-playing and strategy genres that, although it has its shortcomings, manages to entertain thanks to a constant bombardment of new situations on the screen.

In 2014, Kofi began to air on YouTube, a web series produced by Loftur Studio that chronicles the life of a video game character in the style of World of Warcraft and how his vague and misfit character leads him to be an outcast in the game. The series boasts great doses of humor gamer, something that this title financed through the Kickstarter platform manages to transmit even better if possible, accompanied by gameplay based on a potpourri of genres. And he has managed to keep me hooked throughout the adventure although, sometimes, he is shipwrecked in that huge sea of ​​mechanics that the studio has not known how to get all the juice causing, even when I enjoyed it, I had a bitter aftertaste. Because you know that with some more money you could have rounded off the final result of an experience that, from the moment of its launch on Steam on January 28, far exceeds everything seen in its animated series.

The strongest point of Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD is in its characters, hyperbolic of what we find in the different digital entertainment products. Always bordering on the line of satire and the comic, both the game and the series are distinguished by humor with good taste, without falling into the use of unnecessary chabacanerías or words of other comparable productions, such as South Park. Precisely in that good sense of humor is where I have found the motivation necessary to move along the more than 15 hours that has the game in its main campaign, something that has surprised me greatly and more if we take into account that, the total of its 26 chapters in its web series does not exceed in any case the 3 hours together. This gives a good idea of ​​the effort that Jesús García Ferrer and his team have carried out, creating a coherent story full of twists that, without being a show of originality, does maintain interest from beginning to end.

With this premise, the title provides a mix of somewhat chaotic genres in its early stages that, at the end of the first quarter of the adventure, discover some intelligent elements that grieve me that they have not been exploited anymore. In the role of Kofi captains a group of mercenaries (as the heroes are called in the game) to which more units will be added during the adventure. In its early stages, it is presented as an RTS, as you recruit allies up to a maximum of 25 to send them to battle. Here you can call more based on a motivation meter that is filled with each new enemy defeated.

Without a doubt, this is the loosest mechanic of the whole game. I have missed too much the option of executing a tactical pause, and more when the title wants to give you the possibility of posing your fights from a strategic point of view, it invites you to explore the scenarios beforehand and to plan the steps to follow. However, all this goes to the badge the moment you enter combat, the units are packed together, the scenarios are too narrow and it is difficult to maintain order once the fight has begun. You really have little sense of real control over your equipment.

As I said, I am sorry that some mechanics of Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD have not been exploited anymore because much of the units you recruit have special skills that will be necessary to be able to advance through the different scenarios of the game. Activate or deactivate mechanisms, dig holes in the ground, teleport, swim, absorb energy, and other techniques are presented as you go. In fact, at the end of the adventure, we have so many that it is hard to remember all there are, and that is where the best job could have been done. The game is shy when exploiting the use of these skills. There are a few times he dares to mix or exploit them challenging you through their scenarios as a Zelda would classic (a title that serves as an inspiration especially in its most role-oriented aspect). Sometimes, I have used some of these skills only once to later forget that I had them and the fact is that, in its final stretch, the game shows that it is aware of its existence and dares in its last dungeon to make you think, that you have to stop, that you manage your resources and combine your skills. The pity is that you have to wait until the end to see this instead of taking advantage of the entire experience. Until that specific moment, you have to settle to see how these mechanics serve to keep the gameplay fresh and alive at all times, putting on the table new things to do resorting to surprise and interest in the new as inexhaustible engines throughout the adventure.

Like the series, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD makes a humor with good taste, without falling into the use of unnecessary chabacanerías or bad words

Some prominent characters play the role of captain. Most of them will be known to those who have seen the web series and have special attacks or invocations that they can execute during combat, this being something that the game explores more deeply in some sections in which you cannot invoke Allied units as you wish. In these sections, the program turns to the action RPG genre showing another of its playable facets. In addition to this mixture of genres, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD spreads its main missions with some secondary ones of the most “control” and who have always managed to get me a smile, as they have done their different mini-games and video games that we will find.

The fate of the game is at stake

In that effort that the title makes to offer the greatest possible variety at all times, the enormous diversity of enemy units stands out above all else. Each with its own (though not very elaborate) attack systems, and an artificial intelligence performance more than appropriate for the type of experience we are talking about. To this repertoire of more than 60 enemies, the large number of objects that we can find on the stage and buy in stores is added. Not only equipment, but also healing or potentiating potions, and some mission elements. However, the large number of objects that we are going to collect will make the inventory rough and complicated to manage at some times, especially when we require the use of healing elements in the middle of combat. It would have been great to have a quick access command to certain elements that would have made these actions more fluid.

The scenarios are presented simply in an isometric view and with a grid design in which the movement is completely free, being able to zoom in and out of the camera freely. However, sometimes they are too narrow and I have often been forced to restart my game because my main character at that time has fallen into the void pushed by his teammates. In addition, there is the friendly fire, so the arrows or spells of the allies reach other characters, something that at first can be fun because they are accompanied by some click or pulla in between, but that, after a while and see how confusing the combat system can turn out to be, has exasperated me a bit.fate of the game

As for its graphic section, the game moves thanks to the versatile Unity engine, with a drawn style that nails the one used in its web series. I felt like I was fully immersed in one of its chapters, something that would not have been possible without the excellent dubbing work that the title has featured. Completely in Spanish In its texts and voices, the game has the same actors that are responsible for giving life to the web series. It really may seem like a small thing if you do not take into account the huge number of lines of dialogue that the title has and which, in addition, has also been taken to English. All an effort that, adjusted to the budget of the game in its patronage campaigns seems to me titanic. In addition, during the adventure different compositions sound that evolve from the main theme of the series and that perfectly accompanies all the moments of the adventure.

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Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD turns out to be a game that meets without bragging. Based on a web series without too much travel, it stands as a good product loaded with a great sense of humor, aimed at video game lovers and with an artistic section of the most striking. It is also brilliantly accompanied by excellent interpretive work in their voices. Although it does not achieve excellence in any of its playable mechanics, with three different levels of difficulty, the title strives to offer news until the very end of its campaign, which together with the good story it tells, keeps you glued to the mouse from beginning to end.

  • Introduction of new and attractive mechanics throughout the game.
  • His sense of humor so directed to the video game player.
  • The dubbing in Castilian faithful to the series.
  • The combat system is confusing and messy
  • The different skills of the companions could have been better exploited.

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