Metro Redux analysis. Will you survive the horrors of the Moscow metro? Try it !, it’s worth it

Metro Redux
Written by Kamran Haider

Two great first-person action adventures to enjoy exciting shooting, exploration, stealth and even small doses of terror on Nintendo Switch. This is the attractive proposal of Metro 2033 and Last Light, titles that as you will see in the analysis of Metro Redux have adapted very well to the Nintendo console.

One of the great virtues of the Metro saga is that it always knows how to surprise with thrilling action scenes that combine perfectly with some moments of terror and even stealth. All of this based on a story of great interest that takes you on blasts from here to there through the streets and subsoil of a desolate post-apocalyptic Moscow, so interesting, so enigmatic, that you want to explore it with avid passion. That’s why this series of 4A Games games, based on Dmitri Glujovski’s books, has penetrated so deep among action fans. Their games are much more than endless shootings in a world ravaged by atomic bombs, and that is why I am so happy to see Metro Redux working so well on Nintendo Switch.

As it happens, just a few weeks ago I completed this same compilation on Xbox One X, reliving the first adventure of all, the already classic Metro 2033, but also enjoying for the first time its continuation, a Last Light that delves into everything good who has this license but with a greater profusion of the action. So with the very recent experience, playing this compilation on the Nintendo console has been a joy to me. It looks frankly good whether you play on the TV or take advantage of the portable mode of the console, but also the feelings with the Joy-Con and the Pro remote they have been satisfactory, responding effectively to the moments of maximum tension in which Metro Redux immerses you. Haven’t I said it yet? Here you will find two adventures in one; the remastered versions of the first two games in the series with all the additional and extra content as we told you at the time in the original Metro Redux analysis.

In the dark … you will find salvation

Although you can face the action of Metro by shooting everyone who crosses your path, it is not advisable considering that here the ammunition is also the currency of exchange that you will use to buy upgrades, kits and other gadgets essential for survival. That is why, and this is something that I love, stealth acquires capital importance in many of the game situations in which you find yourself immersed. You decide, of course, but there are few more gratifying sensations than overcoming a whole crowded area of ​​enemies without blowing up alarms. Are you going to shootings? You will find them, of course, with a good handful of the most exciting action scenes; But I wouldn’t say it’s your best section.find salvation

It is in the combats to use where the passing of the years is most noticeable. The shootings can be somewhat chaotic at specific moments of the game, with enemies who do not think too much about their safety, much less about the coverage. Artyom’s movement also feels somewhat rough -he seeks to show the protagonist’s inexperience in combat-, with an arsenal of quite prototypical weapons, even though his design is most attractive with that air so it seems that they will be dismantled in any moment.

Pistols, shotguns, machine guns, precision rifles … here you will find the usual options so that you can face the action as you prefer, thus adapting to the type of enemies against which you fight. Because if you are chased by mutant beasts, nothing better than a good shot to knock them down brutally just when they jump for you. In this sense, you have at your disposal several improvements and accessories that will allow you to customize the weapons, not too deep, but at least with enough options so that you can bet on stealth using silencers, distance fighting with telescopic sights, or more powerful and noisy weapons if yours are fleshed shootings.

It is one of the games with the best graphics section of the console, especially in its portable mode

Since Metro 2033 is a game with ten years behind it, the action and stealth options may not seem like anything compared to more recent games, but Even so, thanks to its powerful staging and the appeal of the story, the trip it proposes are very worthwhile. Both the original and its sequel have the virtue of constantly surprising with more terrifying scenarios, or truly spectacular subway sections, masterfully combining action, stealth or survival in extreme conditions, so you never know what new dangers await you. And it is a great feeling. When you first go up to the surface of Moscow and you are forced to wear a gas mask … well, you understand that Metro games are special.

Artyom’s dangerous journey through these underground tunnels is exciting, with some moments that still years later continue to be spectacular. Nazis in Moscow? Shootings aboard a wagon? Communists attacking massively the city where you traded quietly? Beyond the monsters, there are, Metro 2033 and Last Light stand out for their great atmosphere, making you live the most exciting action scenes. And the best news is that this show adapts well to the Nintendo Switch circuits, showing a great overall finish even in portable mode, which works at 720p and 30fps (same resolution as the original PS3 and Xbox 360), with a dynamic resolution that can reach1080p when attaching the console to the dock.

In my games, I have not noticed slowdowns that hinder the action, although obviously the fact of having recently enjoyed Metro Redux at 60fps has made it hard for me to adapt a little to the 30 images per second for which the hybrid console bets. The 4A team has opted for a dynamic resolution which allows the game to be seen in the line of work of PS4 and Xbox One, even though sometimes on the TV the image is not as clear nor the lighting effects are so spectacular. The differences are noticeable, of course, but in general, the result is quite good with a portable model that is one of the most work to date. But as I said before, the important thing is that Metro Redux looks and plays fantastically well on Nintendo Switch, which should no longer catch anyone by surprise seeing how well one of those titles did that until its launch seemed impossible in the console, as I told you recently in the analysis of Aliens Isolation.

4A has done a fantastic adaptation work, allowing a new wave of players to enjoy one of the most important action series of the last decade. If you are interested in only one of the two videogames you can buy them separately in the Nintendo eShop, although you also have the option of the physical version of Metro Redux, with both titles and all their DLC in a 16GB cartridge. It is no small thing, that we talk about 10 hours of additional content, to enjoy and immerse yourself even more in the fantastic Metro universe. What are you waiting for?

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Metro Redux adapts perfectly to Nintendo Switch, allowing us to enjoy wherever we go from two great action games thanks to the portable mode of the console. Both Metro 2033 and Last Light look frankly good, keeping intact it’s great staging. Didn’t you have a chance to play them in your day? Here you will find two action adventures with certain doses of terror that even after all these years, and even in spite of weakening in some aspects, they are still highly recommended.

  • Two great action adventures that still feel unique after all these years
  • A great atmosphere that encourages you to move forward through the devastated city of Moscow
  • Great adaptation to Nintendo Switch with a high-quality graphic section, also in portable mode
  • The freedom to choose between direct action or stealth …
  • … although the fighting has aged somewhat badly, especially in Metro 2033
  • Somewhat high load times

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