Micro Machines World Series analysis. The smallest cars in the world

Micro Machines World
Written by Kamran Haider

It has been enough years for Codemasters to recover one of the most beloved arcade speed sagas in its history: Micro Machines. Cool and multiplayer fun in a full-speed analysis.

Many of us grew up playing the fun 16-bit titles based on the Micro Machines saga, a franchise that gradually lost some of the bellows with the arrival of new technologies until it ended up staying in the Codemasters boxes. Fortunately, and after passing through mobile phones, the British company wanted to recover this series and present its new proposal, a game that has reached PS4, Xbox One and PC … but that has incomprehensibly not made the leap to Switch, at least for now

With Micro Machines World Series Codemasters wanted to recover the essence of the series without adding too many frills or techniques or playable, although it is true that in the latter case it presents some interesting additions that I will discuss later. Therefore we are facing a title of clear arcade approach and suitable for all types of users, which gives its best when several simultaneous players meet in it: the more, the better.

In this way, up to four users can participate at the same time in local mode and up to twelve if we decide to play online, being able to do so in several different modalities and both alone and in teams. And although it is a game that can also be perfectly squeezed in its individual facet, that this fact is clear, it wins many integers in its multiplayer side (something that has always happened in this saga). A feature that needs to be considered.

Diversity and simplicity

Micro Machines World Series presents several different modalities such as Elimination, Capture the Flag, etc. (Although some of them remain blocked from the start) and two fundamental types of competitions: races and confrontations in combat arenas.

The first is the traditional ones in the series and have not been too modified in this new edition of Micro Machines. Throughout 10 circuits (somewhat low figure from my point of view) we must show that we are the best behind the wheel of a good variety of different vehicles with their own qualities, a dozen, from ambulances to police cars, classics, tanks, etc. And if we have enough money, it is possible to customize the appearance of all of them.

The development of the races is quite fun and offers us arcade competition of the best quality

The development of the races is quite fun and offers us arcade competition of the best quality. From a chopped zenith perspective we must go along curious and interesting routes (work tables, kitchens, etc.) and full of obstacles, from toasters to paint cans, cereals or music tapes, to name just a few examples. In addition and to add more grace to each event, it is possible to obtain various power-ups in the form of weapons from NERF, the famous toy brand, an arsenal that allows us to tear our rivals and hinder their progress.

Precisely these weapons acquire much greater importance during the great innovation that has been introduced in this delivery of the tiny cars: the battle mode. No less than 15 different combat arenas await us, an amount that in this case seems to be much more plausible, locations that allow us to shoot and cakes against another 11 pilots to show that, in addition to running, we are also given very well eDiversity and simplicityverything related to destruction.

This last option can be enjoyed through several different modalities and adds a layer of additional interest to a game that is already as simple in its approach as fun. And that is the end of the day. It is not the most original or flashy game in the world, I have that more than crystalline, but it has certainly made me have a great time during the last days.

What I don’t understand very well (or nothing, directly) is why Codemasters has not been encouraged to design delivery for Switch, something that I have already mentioned in passing at the beginning of this analysis. And it is that as it happened with Rocket League, a title that will be released in the Nintendo console in a few months, I consider that precisely this type of games (simple, ideal to play anywhere either alone or in multiplayer and that technically they do not need much power) they are the ones that best and most easily adapt to the features of Switch. Codemasters has recently stated that they are “studying” that possibility, but for now, there is nothing certain about it. Hopefully, in a while, we will be given good news about it.

Technically in Micro Machines World Series, we are facing a nice, colorful game that offers a collection of circuits quite striking, but not too generous in those dedicated to classic competitions (races). Its textures, polygonal load, level of detail and other elements are nothing of the other world, that is undeniable, but this series has never stood out for enjoying exquisite production values, so it was something expected and assumed.

The sound is also not like rocket fire, but at least it is worthy of praise that developers have bothered to locate the full title to our language. The soundtrack goes more unnoticed, while the effects are performed correctly and encourage the tests.

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The appearance of a new installment of a missing classic saga is always a reason for joy, as is the case of Micro Machines. A title that stays true to what has always been its most prominent hallmarks such as its arcade simplicity, its commitment to the multiplayer component and its fun. It is not a revolutionary edition at all and some things are missing like the inclusion of a wider amount of race circuits or a graphic display a more successful tad. But despite its drawbacks, it is a very appealing game and also has a very interesting value for money.

  • Multiplayer modes are very entertaining.
  • Many different modalities, including the fun battle mode
  • Good range of different and customizable vehicles
  • Its value for money is very satisfactory
  • The number of racing circuits seems somewhat limited
  • Technically it does not stand out in any aspect

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