Miitopia analysis. A lot of humor, little RPG

Written by Kamran Haider

With a lot of sense of humor and some great background idea, Nintendo offers 3DS fans a new RPG adventure that does entertain and have fun, but not strong enough to captivate fans of the genre. Capable of the best and the worst, in the Miitopia analysis, we review the keys to a video game that can entertain those who seek to have fun without too many complications.

They have been with us for more than a decade and almost without realizing it, they have become an important piece in Nintendo’s history. They are the Mii !, the nice incarnation of the players on the consoles of the Grand N that, progressively, have gained weight in the Japanese company to star in their own video games. The first was Tomodachi Life, which enjoyed great success both in Japan and in the West, and now they have been animated with a role-playing adventure that, although having fun and making you have a good time, does not finish reaching the expected level of quality. MiitopiaIt is an interesting RPG, with grace and the occasional great background idea, but its action is so simple, so at times repetitive, that the Mia’s own guasa ends up getting bored after hours. Too bad, really, because this Nintendo 3DS title has the necessary ingredients to offer a better gaming experience. And that is the problem! That there is little game; You feel more spectator than a player, and it takes its toll.

Perhaps too focused on new players, those who do not have much experience in role-playing adventures, Miitopia falls short too quickly. Your turn-based fighting, they are fun for the variety of actions you have at your fingertips … but in a matter of hours, they stay in nothing, in a mere hobby, because you really only control the actions of the main hero. The rest of the adventurers act on their own, using their special skills at will, which obviously detracts from the adventure with great strategic value. You don’t know what they will do! So it’s hard to decide a tactic. Do you use a defensive movement? Do you cure someone? Do you attack with everything? It is true that the battles, because of the colorfulness and joy with which the Mii act, entertain their own and sometimes surprise with memorable scenes; but they are the least in a title that doesn’t know how to take advantage of its hidden potential.

The value of friendship

There are seven archetypes to choose from with classic options such as the warrior, cleric, sorcerer or thief; and other funnier ones like the chef, who will prepare dishes to enhance his abilities and restore his health, the singer, who with his music will demoralize enemies and encourage his people, or the cat, which with his claws will cause chaos among the monsters he fights against. There are quite a few skills to choose from and certainly, the differences between one and the other characters are noted. However, the differentiating element of Miitopia regarding other adventures of the style has to do with affinity, with the bonds of friendship that unite the protagonists. The more confidence there is among them, the more successful options they will have in the fight, warning themselves to dodge an attack, giving “pampering” to heal the wounds of a partner, or even strutting to execute a more powerful blow than normal.

These relationships are the most fun and are forged, above all, in the inns that are accessed at the end of each of the levels in which this adventure is divided, but also during fighting or exploring scenarios because randomly, small special events are emerging that allow strengthening these bonds of friendship. And they really are important. In the toughest battles, there are, having a united team of heroes will give you more guarantees of success for what you said before because they will help each other naturally, unexpectedly, creating a sense of companionship rarely seen in a style video game. That is why I am so sorry that Miitopia does not go beyond; It stays with the basics, on the surface, without giving players the opportunity to enjoy an RPG with all of the law. friendship

His humor and fast – paced action helps to have a good time with him

you need something; you miss a greater playable depth in the fighting. As much as it is sought to attract a wider audience, one should not advance much in the adventure to notice that it is extremely simple, with few challenges capable of putting you in a bind. I appreciate that you have some freedom to personalize yours, that in the aforementioned inns, feeding them a wide variety of foods – eye that there are dishes that they like more than others -, you can enhance some or other physical attributes, but at the time of the truth, Miitopia is a very limited video game. You can’t even explore with the freedom the many levels that shape this fantasy world, as the characters automatically move through them. Sometimes you have to decide if they are going in one direction or another, but little changes the adventure.

His story is followed with interest because there is a lot of humor and, let’s face it because the Mii is funny; It is hard not to laugh with their faces and their stunned way of interacting with the scenarios. Miitopia also has the peculiarity that you can put the face you want to all the characters of the island, including the protagonists and the villain on duty, the evil Archmage, which is dedicated precisely to steal the faces of the innocent to create an army of monsters. You can use the Mii of your private collection, use those of Tomodachi Life or Miitomo, or directly use the Internet so that the game automatically chooses the funniest faces. Can you imagine the villain with your father’s face? Or the Miyamoto himself fighting by your side? Everything is possible in a video game that aesthetically meets the expectations thanks to the color of its scenarios and the good design of the protagonists, who when they get serious and bring out all their power, create very colorful prints.

Also, the soundtrack gives off great quality; It is very varied, its melodies marry perfectly with the action, and it is hard to get bored of it. There are lots of weapons and defensive objects to find, new dishes with which to satisfy the palate of the heroes, and some other surprise that will force you to reinvent your team of heroes to survive new challenges. Does it hit her? What he said. It is a video game with potential, but little used. Their fighting and exploration are very limited, so if you are looking for great challenges, you will hardly find them in this Nintendo adventure. His humor and the rapid pace of his action helps to spend good times with him, but in sessions that are too long, his shortcomings become noticeable much more.

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It is hard not to laugh with the misadventures of the Mii in this Nintendo 3DS RPG adventure but, the big problem of Miitopia is that it is a very simple role-playing game. It does not pose great challenges nor does it allow you to experiment much with its action. The fighting feels limited and there is no room for exploration, so almost all you have left is to enjoy its nice staging and its funny plot. With more options, this could have been a much better title.

  • A fun adventure that makes it easy to laugh
  • Customization options and affinity system between heroes
  • Put face to all the characters of the video game
  • The fighting feels very limited. You can only control the protagonist
  • Little variety in its action

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