Monster Prom 2, a Game About Aggressive Monster Dating, Has Effectively Blitzed its Kickstarter Objective

Monster Prom 2
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Released early a year ago, Monster Prom was a multiplayer dating sim about attaching with monsters. The visual novel was special for at any rate two reasons: one, it was a game about connecting with monsters. Two, the multiplayer viewpoint was flawless, pitting players against each other in order to win the love of their favored monster crush.

Monster Prom 2

Presently a similar studio, Beautiful Glitch, has declared Monster Prom 2 by means of a Kickstarter campaign. The spin-off is pretty much ensured at this stage: the campaign has pulled in $154,212 at time of composing, with an objective of just $36,000. Be that as it may, besides from the name, Monster Prom 2 is somewhat of a departure from the first since it’s really three games in one.

These are Summer Camp, Winter Retreat and Roadtrip. The first is a genuinely straightforward dating sim intensely reminiscent of the main game, the second is… a methodology snowball fight, while the third is organized as a road trip with a couple of survival mechanics. Regardless of which you play, there will be monsters to experience passionate feelings for.

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The rundown of stretch objectives and gift incentives are of Tolstoyan proportion–you can look at everything on the Kickstarter page. Despite everything, you’ve still got 28 days to back the undertaking, and there’s even a playable demo on the Kickstarter page on the off chance that you need further convincing.

Here’s the trailer:

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