No Man’s Sky Beyond Has Launched, But it’s Also been Crashing

No Man's Sky Beyond
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

No Man’s Sky Beyond propelled today, carrying with it VR support, 32-player multiplayer on PC, and heaps of other new highlights I’ve become weary of abridging toward the start of these articles. Shockingly, Beyond additionally carried a couple of bugs and glitches with it.

No Man's Sky Beyond

It’s not really an unexpected that not all things are working impeccably with an update this huge, however a portion of the issues are entirely genuine. Players have particularly been revealing a ton of accidents, most quite while entering The Nexus, the fresh out of the plastic new player center point where space explorers can hang out, mingle, and group up for multiplayer missions.

I can affirm. My first visit to The Nexus went easily, however the player I joined for a mission smashed out of the session when we arrived at our objective planet (they rejoined two or after three minutes, yet then I slammed soon after that). My following visit to The Nexus, be that as it may, brought about screen solidify and a collide with work area while flying into the passageway. What’s more, the time from that point forward, I got inside The Nexus OK, yet it was totally infertile of players. I got another CTD when I attempted to leave. When I restarted I was still in The Nexus, in a T-present, and slammed three additional occasions: once while attempting to fly out and twice while going through spot searching for a teleporter to escape with. At a certain point I fell through the floor of the center and kind of weaved around. In this way, there’s unmistakably a couple of issues with the multiplayer space.

VR is demonstrating somewhat spotty too for various players, especially on the Valve Index. Various individuals have detailed that they can’t see one of their hands while in VR, and some have said they’ve been encountering laggy execution (which can be particularly hard to stomach while wearing a headset). Various smashing issues have been accounted for both while in The Nexus and at different occasions while utilizing VR.

Console controls are likewise strangely clear. They’re mapped and they work, yet on the menu screen no keymapping is shown and it is highly unlikely as of now to redo the keymapping by any means. There are additionally a couple of different issues being accounted for, similar to tanker extra spaces being totally difficult to reach.

Ideally there will be some fast fixes connected and these issues will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, in case you’re having issues, you can report bugs here.

Notwithstanding the accidents, I had some fun expanded sessions without any issues. I even manged to bolster a few animals with the new craftable sustenance pellets, and keeping in mind that they’ve haven’t paid me back with milk (yet—however I pledge they will) they surely are crapping a great deal.

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