Northgard analysis: Strategy, resource management and Vikings. Will you survive the cold winter?

Written by Kamran Haider

At the head of a Viking clan, you will live great adventures in this real-time strategy video game that, as we tell you in Northgard’s analysis, has the virtue of entertaining both new players and veterans in the genre. Expand your domains, find food and other resources … and survive the cold winter!

It seems too simple. It’s the first thing you think once you put yourself in front of that little Viking clan that you lead in this real-time strategy video game developed by Shiro Games, and yet Northgard is much more than it seems to the naked eye. It is a friendly game, ideal for those who take their first steps in the strategy genre, but it is also a title that knows how to surprise the most veteran; who knows how to have fun with his solid resource management and what is his great differentiating element: the cold winter. When it arrives in the course of the game, the weather conditions will make it difficult to obtain food, increase wood consumption to survive low temperatures and even reduce the effectiveness of troops in combat. It doesn’t seem like much and yet it is everything in this exciting Viking adventure.

Neglect the cultivation of food or obtaining firewood and you will suffer real damage during the winter. Play your cards well, nothing in abundance, and you can take advantage of these moments of apparent tranquility to besiege your enemies in the – for the – worst scenario imaginable. Although on paper there is not much to do, once you start playing shortly it takes you to discover all those little nuances that enrich the gaming experience in such a way that, without realizing it, minutes are transformed into hours and hours into days; and you play, and build, and guide your Vikings from here to there while looking for resources, increase your strength and crush the rivals always with a big smile on your face. So yes, Northgard is a simple game, but also the funniest title that recovers the sensations of the strategy of the 90s.

Vikings in search of glory and fame

If Northgard does something well, it is that it navigates between very different waters and in spite of that it floats admirably. Whether you are a newcomer to the genre or have spent your whole life enjoying real-time strategy, in this Shiro Games title you will find more than enough excuses to lose yourself for hours in its colorful mythological universe. And it is something worth mentioning because all those limitations that it imposes so that your action does not become too complex are also an interesting strategic resource that allows you to face your challenges with some freedom.

With a few Vikings under your command you will have to expand your domains by conquering the lands around you; but you will have to do it carefully, measuring every step you take, because first growing too fast it can end up in a perique with your food and wood reserves, leaving you completely defenseless against the cold winter. Every land you explore and colonize offers certain resources such as stone, iron or food that you should exploit to the fullest to evolve your clan, but it is not as simple as building here and there as much as you can and more. Each of these territories can only house a small number of buildings, so you will have to think carefully about what you do.glory and fame

Northgard is a simple game, but also a funniest title.

At first, you may go crazy building houses, or loggers’ cabins, or silos to store food, but with practice, you will discover that sometimes it is more advisable to control that expense, save construction spaces, and improve the available buildings so that they house more workers and also increase their productivity. It’s another detail that I love, work management, because in Northgard you must constantly redirect the efforts of your Vikings to adapt to the conditions of war. If the fight is yours, you can form an army and always have it active, ready to protect the borders of your territory, but that implies that these Vikings will not be generating food, money or wood, so you might be interested in transforming them into explorers, or hunters, or farmers, and for a few months devote them to obtaining resources.

Do you need to go to war? It is as easy as removing troops from one building and directing them to another. It’s that easy, that fast; and although at first glance it seems that the options are not many, they are enough to enjoy a varied, exciting gaming experience, with the ability to surprise even the most experienced in the genre. It never ends to deepen to the point of becoming too complex, but at least the Shiro Games game does not leave any of the traditional elements in real-time strategy in the pipeline, and this includes trade, which is ideal for making money in exchange for the surpluses of certain raw materials. There are also different special skills and passive improvements that you will discover wisely, one of the resources that you will generate by praying on altars; and even a forge in which you can dedicate iron to create new weapons and tools with which to enhance the effectiveness of your Vikings.

With different clans to turn to, each of them with certain tactical advantages that well used can make a difference in the most disputed battles, Northgard does not forget elements of Norse mythology, facing enemies such as the Valkyries, the dead living or the Jötunn giants to give even more emotion to the fight. In this sense, you will have to build defenses to protect yourself from enemy incursions, being essential to conquer their territory to end the attacks of wild beasts and monsters. Too bad the fight is not especially complex because although there are units of different types, with their particularities, in the end, the struggle is still a “for all!” of book, in the sense that you order to attack and it is almost left to wait to check the outcome of the contest.

Fortunately, Northgard includes multiple victory conditions so that the fight is only one of many options to win the victory. the fameFor example, it is a very important element, because it will be thanks to it that we obtain great rewards and sometimes even the final victory. The way to win it? As in Viking deeds; defeating enemies, eliminating fearsome dragons, closing the doors of Helheim himself or expanding beyond known lands. In the end, the goal is to give you the freedom to act as you please, and the truth is that a game can be very different from the previous one depending on the clan that leaders. The Crows, for example, base their action on looting and fighting, while the Goat clan allows raising sheep, obtaining resources from them, and holding such great banquets, that it will increase the productivity of all Vikings.

At the technical level it is not a striking title, but its colorful graphic section and that casual tone helps to improve the sensations.

To learn all these peculiarities you have at your disposal an interesting campaign with a succession of well-spun missions, with varied objectives, although sometimes somewhat limited. Will be skirmishes and multiplayer scenarios you will really enjoy the action of Northgard; a game that was released on PC more than a year ago, and now lands on consoles with a great work of adaptation both in the user interface and its control system. In the case of Nintendo Switch, the portable mode It comes as a ring to the finger, it is pure vice! At the technical level, it is not a striking title, but its colorful graphics section and that casual tone so typical of the 90s contributes to improving the sensations with a game that is translated into Spanish.

Although first impressions can make you believe that Northgard is not made for you, that it is too simple, just a few minutes are enough to start enjoying its strategic action and the many Viking adventures that it proposes.

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Northgard is a pleasant surprise in the strategy genre. It is a friendly, simple game that invites anyone to enjoy their Viking action; But with the passing of the hours, and the practice, you will discover that it is also a videogame with a certain strategic depth capable of surprising with its exciting duels and pleasant staging. Some more complexity is missing, especially in war, but whether on PC or consoles, you will find a lot of fun in it.

  • A game for all audiences that do not forget the veterans to the strategy
  • Resource management and the expansion of your domains
  • Good use of Norse mythology, with different clans that have their own advantages
  • Although the fight is fun, more options are needed to go to war
  • Some campaign mode missions can get a bit boring

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