Nothing to save. Analysis of The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man
Written by Kamran Haider

The authors of the original Prey bet on the beat ’em up action in which it is one of the worst video games we remember. Simple, boring and clumsy, as we tell you in the analysis of The Quiet Man there is little to save in this work of Human Head.

Ok, the premise is good. A deaf protagonist? In a video game that combines action with scenes played by actors? Promising! But beyond that … an absolute disaster. One difficult to understand because it is hard to imagine worse game than the inane adventure in which we embark the authors of the original Prey. It’s terrible. No more No matter how hard you try to give it a try; As much as you try to understand what the veteran Human Head Studios team seeks to convey, The Quiet Man is an unfortunate videogame capable of upsetting anyone with its clumsy, simple and failed combat system … and its history, actors, programming errors, staging and everything in reality.

Nothing is saved from burning. Such is the degree of frustration generated by this beat ’em up; so insulting is its action sometimes, that at times you will want to be the one who takes a torch and sets fire to the Dantesque spectacle that is drawn before your eyes. Anything goes to put an end to the monotonous and agonizing journey in which this production of Square Enix embarks us. It’s short, about three hours or so, but it will be eternal. And that starts well. A mere mirage in the worst desert imaginable.

The Quiet Man is a video game that is characterized by the total absence of sound. Except for the first moments of the adventure, like the protagonist of the action, we will be unable to listen to conversations or even environmental noise. Silence. An interesting idea in the line of works like Perception, which in his case bet on a blind protagonist, but terribly badly executed. It does not matter that Dane, the protagonist, be deaf. At the moment of truth, at the moment of fighting, we will face the action as in any other fighting game. No sound, yes, but seeing the rivals coming; Knowing at all times how and in what way to hit. In the end, the absence of sound brings nothing but frustration and despair. You will see people talking, and the protagonist will respond !, but you will have no idea what they say or what happens around them. And not; It is not fun, nor interesting, nor pleasant. With a poor combat system was the only thing that could arouse interest, and the only thing you get is that you want to abandon the game.

The absence of sound? The least of your problems

I always try to look for something positive to cling to when I talk about video games. I do not like to criticize for criticizing, to focus on the defects, but it really costs me horrors to say something good about The Quiet Man. I can understand that leaving you without sound seek to make you feel out of place, excluded from the world, as people with problems should feel auditory The problem is that the execution is disastrous; a complete nonsense that does not help to enjoy a video game that, as such, makes water in a tragic way. Your bet is street fights? Is it the only thing you’re going to offer? Well, strive to present quality matches, that thrill, that surprise, and not the tragicomic succession of mampoer that shows the game of Human Head Studios.

It is insultingly simple. There is no interaction with the scenarios, nor combos, nor a strategy, nor a dignified fluency that allows you to chain beat rhythmically, spectacularly, as the game pretends in the first instance. A bottle? Chairs? Pure props; parts of a dead set, lifeless, that does not suffer the consequences of the fight and with a few exceptions, does not even give you the opportunity to use it as a weapon; to stamp the faces of enemies against a table or use furniture to crush them with blows. We could overlook this detail, but it is harder to accept with a good face that the fight is always the same; that from start to finish the game does not make the minimum effort to surprise with new challenges.Crush buttons

His poor combat system is the only thing you get is that you want to abandon the game reason.

Crush buttons without rhyme or. As simple as that. I have come to defeat enemies while looking in another direction to talk to someone or amuse myself reading. This is contributed by a very poor artificial intelligence that causes others shame. The rivals are legged fighters who look at you and … little else, really. They have a hard time reacting; they huddle and hinder themselves, waiting for the turn to receive the cakes of a hero that for Neo in the best moments of the Matrix. Nobody bothers to explain why, but this is something I will talk about next. Now rivals matter and these are, in addition to stupid, clones. The variety is so scarce that it is worth even talking about it. ¿ Heads? Yes, there are, like some special enemies equipped with a white weapon, but the essence of the combat is the same. They force you to dodge and counterattack at the right moment to break their defense and damage them, but little else.

The terrible thing is that either you act like this or there is no way to harm them. Not because they protect themselves, that sometimes they do, but rather because the protagonist’s fists will pierce his enemy as if he did not exist. You can spend a good time hitting punches and kicks in the air while the opponent stays there ahead, stunned, imagine that thinking why the hell has decided to appear in this video game. It is not your fault. They programmed it to be there, but they did it badly, very badly, and that causes that sometimes also some errors prevent you from continuing the game, leading you to repeat a complete chapter. In another situation … well, okay, you can overdo it; but a title as nefarious as The Quiet Man becomes the worst of torture. And it’s something that happened to me twice, including the final fight.

Terrible are also transitions between scenarios. You fight, you give the beat of your life to four gang members … and start again! It is a succession of levels without grace, without exploration, without emotion in the cinematics that you sometimes find along the way. Before he spoke of final enemies, of bosses, but the biggest rival to beat is boredom. Winning is already an achievement, but I tell you that it is not worth it. The story? It could be good because the parts with actors show a good technical bill and, certainly, there are transitions that present a good level, but it costs horrors to survive the tedium of seeing those involved talking without understanding or knowing what they say. What bothers me the most is to see how the protagonist sometimes understands them and answers them, but you still do not have subtitles to, at least, get an idea of ​​what is happening.David Lync

The rivals are peleles with legs that look at you and … little more

Beyond this detail, which as an experience may be interesting, the story is a silly piece with elements inspired by the work of David Lynch, but obviously without the taste and talent of this genius of cinema and television. The worst thing is that soon the game experience will be available with sound, in the traditional style, so that those who have completed The Quiet Man can start a new game with voices. And I wonder, is there anyone willing to do it? It would be like escaping from hell and plunging back into the depths of hell. So feeling it a lot, do not count on me. And it really grieves me. Human Head Studios is a team that I like. In their day they made me enjoy their adventure action Rune, and like so many others, I enjoyed Prey and I was sorry for the cancellation of its sequel. But this is something else. This is an insult that nobody deserves.


The Quiet Man is possibly one of the worst video games we’ve tried in a long, long time. As beat ’em up is real nonsense; simple, lacking in originality and the emotion that you expect from a fighting game, but it does not fulfill the least in the narrative either. Without sound? The experience could have been fine, but as it is presented, it is a complete disaster.

  • The agony ends soon, in little more than 2 hours
  • Terrible system of combat: with failures, without grace, simpleton
  • Monotonous and lacking emotion. The action does not change one iota
  • The story is a joke. The absence of sound, a feature poorly used

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