One of PSP’s most beloved classics returns! Patapon 2 Remastered analysis

Written by Kamran Haider

Put on, put on, put on! It is difficult not to become fond of the melodies that the friendly one-eyed warriors of Patapon sing while fighting with monsters of all kinds. If you missed them, you’ll be glad to know they are back in Patapon 2 Remastered. How have the years sat?

The more years go by, the clearer it is to me that PSP had one of the most impressive catalogs I’ve seen on a portable console. There are many big names to highlight, such as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite or God of War: Ghost of Sparta; but among my favorites was a saga with a very different profile. We talked, of course, about Patapon’s games, which mixed strategy, rhythm and the unmistakable artistic style of Rolito. And, after the launch of Patapon Remastered in 2017, it is now the turn of the tenth anniversary of its sequel with the arrival of Patapon 2 Remastered.

For those less familiar with the game, Patapon’s approach is simple. We embody the Supreme Being, a deity that will guide a belligerent tribe of cyclopean warriors in their unfortunate enterprise for finding “ESO”, a mysterious treasure that will supposedly confer eternal and unconditional well-being. The interesting thing is, really, how we do all this. We send orders to our army playing different drums to the rhythm of the music, and if we do well, we inspire the soldiers to be more efficient in their battles against huge monsters or fortresses of the enemy tribes.

Optimized musical militarization

On the table, Patapon 2 is a “more of the same” that would not have to convince those who were not happy with the original: we have more melodies to interpret, a greater variety of troops to recruit and a greater number of missions to face. Perhaps the novelty of more weight is the hero’s debut, a very powerful and highly customizable unit, capable of playing any role we propose. But it also has a respectable list of small novelties and reviews in the gameplay that, although they can be overlooked, really build a much rounder experience.militarization

Patapon 2 Remastered is a deeper game than it seems.

Those who played the original Patapon will celebrate the arrival of the difficulty options (easy, normal and difficult), or that the feverish state where our troops try their best will not be lost automatically. Fail a perfect command. It is also appreciated that two new enemy tribes appear, the Karmen and the Akumapon, each with its own leaders and background; as well as two new mini-games to get rewards and the Komupon NPCs that help our hero in the toughest missions.

In addition, it seems a good occasion to remind the newer that Patapon 2 is, in fact, a deeper game than it seems. Completing the main campaign will not take us more than 20 hours, but we can invest more than 100 if we want to optimize our entourage to the fullest. The soldiers of each unit can be customized with different weapons and armor, some of the legendary, and also have classes and a relatively complex evolutionary branch. The toughest missions will require that we carry characters with specific elemental resistances to survive, and we can sweeten the time between missions with a good variety of mini-games with their own rewards and difficulties.

We miss the depth of the heroes of Patapon 3, its great multiplayer mode or the spectacular animations and prints that it gave us from time to time. All that is perfectly understandable because they are simply elements of more current delivery, but we do miss some more ambition for this version of Patapon 2. The main incentive is that we can play at a maximum resolution of 4K native in PS4 Pro, So the standard console runs out of new developments beyond what it is to play Patapon on television.

As with Patapon Remastered, we enjoy optimal response times, even better than PSP. And we also like the possibility of importing our game from that game, as it once was granted to us on the laptop. But the news is over, and it’s a shame because there is a good list of small wishes that we could have been granted: we would have liked to be able to choose names of more than four characters, pause the game in the middle of a mission, a system of autosave or a review of the framerate and some animations.

In addition, some minor problems in the Spanish-language location of the original version are still present in the PS4 counterpart. And it even seems that there is some new ‘bug’. Small, little annoying, but new: the title screen moves quickly. On the other hand, although it was already seen coming, we are disappointed to see that the Paraget portal, which had an optional multiplayer mode through ad-hoc on PSP, can now only be played alone in remastering. We have the same NPC as before to help us, but it is a less function that could have given new life to the game.

With more care, it could have become a must for fans.

Certainly, we are talking about a rather austere remastering. It is not realistic to ask for much more for the 14.99 euros for which it arrives at PlayStation Store, but with a little more care it would have become a must for fans. The worst of this is that, given that Patapon Remastered and Patapon 2 Remastered follow the same line, we assume that a possible Patapon 3 Remastered also suffers the consequences of a lazy remastering.

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Patapon 2 Remastered gives us one of lime and another of sand. It’s great to have one of PSP’s most beloved games back and see that it has survived so well over the years, but as happened with Patapon Remastered, it also faces a blatant lack of news that makes us see this remastering as A missed opportunity.

  • The Patapon formula continues to feel fresh in 2020
  • His artistic section also does not understand ages
  • Patapon 2 has always been a highly recommended game
  • The only novelty of weight is the 4K resolution only for PS4 Pro
  • The Part portal no longer has multiplayer support
  • You could have spoiled yourself more in terms of novelties and polishing

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