OtherSide will Independently Publish System Shock 3 if it has to, But Hopes Someone Else will do it

System Shock 3
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The ongoing money related inconveniences at Starbreeze Studios drove it to sell the System shock 3 publishing rights back to developer OtherSide Entertainment prior this year. In any case, other side isn’t horribly keen in jumping into the self-publishing game: Creative director Warren Spector told VGC that the studio is on the watchful for another dance partner, and there’s been “a great deal of interest” from potential publishers.

System Shock 3

“We don’t have a deal at present time, yet luckily OtherSide is flush enough that we’re subsidizing ourselves and can keep on doing that for a long time. Let’s perceive what happens,” Spector said. “We need someone to say, ‘Yeah, let’s talk bargain terms,’ and we’re in that sort of discussion with certain folks. In any case, we’re not exactly finished yet.”

OtherSide could, and will, publish the new System Shock itself on the off chance that it has to, yet Spector said doing as such would be “a huge diversion,” and require enlisting new staff with expertise in the field.

“Actually, OtherSide is a company of developers who want to create games,” he said. “We don’t especially want to be a publisher. [OtherSide founder] Paul Neurath and I have worked with publishers previously, Origin self-published when I was there, and we don’t want to get into the market of conveying stuff.” “We’re not discounting for anything out, yet now we’re searching for a publishing and funding partner.”

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System Shock 3’s release date remains covered in mystery, however, given the disastrous result of OtherSide’s past effort I’m alright with that. To summarize Shigeru Miyamoto, a delayed game is inevitably good, but a 25/100 review will botch your Metacritic score until the end of time. If you didn’t see it, OtherSide released the first System shock 3 teasers in March.

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