Outriders is a co-op sci-fi Shooter From the Makers of Bulletstorm

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Square Enix has revealed Outriders, the mysterious sci-fi game it’s been prodding on Twitter. It’s the next shooter from Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, which pits up to 3 buddies against an alien world apparently determined to destroy what could be the remainder of mankind. Cheery stuff!


With Earth at the end of its life, adventurous people have taken to the stars to locate a new home on the alien world of Enoch. Through Square Enix’s teases, we realize that the ship was harmed before it came to Enoch, and as the trailer reveals, it’s not the kind of place where you can simply build a colony and sit back. A loud, red trailer went with the declaration, teasing a portion of the world’s greater threats. Give it a watch below.

At the press conference, studio head of People Can Fly, Sebastian Wojciechowski made that big appearance to discuss what the game is all about. Outriders is a co-op activity shooter set in a hard sci-fi universe. Occurring on the planet Enoch, a ragtag group of fighters works together to fight hordes of enemies. While you can play solo, the game additionally features a drop-in, drop-out co-op play–letting up to three players participate in the various missions and events.

You can explore Outriders’ “dark and desperate” sci-fi universe all alone or with up to 2 companions through drop-in drop-out co-op, attempting to explore a strange signal. People Can Fly say there’s a solid narrative propelling it forwards, however, it looks like you’ll be doing a lot of killing on your way to unraveling the secrets of the planet.


As indicated by the developers, it’s a game that they needed to set aside a few minutes, which pulls upon their long stretches of experience making shooters. In a press release for Outriders, the CEO of People Can Fly, portrayed the game as being a genuinely ambitious project, which thoroughly seems to be in the developer’s wheelhouse.

“Outriders is the game that we have been wanting to make for a considerable length of time,” said Sebastian Wojciechowski, studio head of People Can Fly. “We’re very glad to be working with Square Enix on this venture, it’s a major undertaking for us and the group has grown impressively to work on the Outriders project.”

200 developers spread across 4 studios are at the moment working on Outriders. You can get a look at what they’ve been really going after in the first dev diary, embedded beneath:

“Shooters are in our DNA. It’s our obsession, and it’s what we do. Outriders draws from all our experience from all our past titles,” says creative director Bartosz Kmita.

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That implies you should anticipate a lot of weird, exotic murder devices. Organic weapons, guns made out of the rock, tastefully finished pistols—the dev diary gives us a fast look at a couple of them. I’m not sure they’ll be much use from that towering behemoth from the trailer. Better bring along certain mates. More details will be revealed this winter, with Outriders due out in summer 2020.

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