Overcooked 2, the most fun cooperative kitchen. Analysis

Written by Kamran Haider

The kitchen, the ingredients, the utensils, and the stoves … The video game puts almost everything, now it is only necessary that you put the cooks. Cooperative fun for up to 4 users in a sequel that adds new scenarios, dynamic and online. We tell you the madness of cooking dishes in Overcooked 2.

If you are here, it is without a doubt because you are looking for a title to enjoy with family or friends. The first Overcooked already influenced this approach. The developers of Ghost Town Games lamented that most video games added the cooperative as a complement to the main campaign. As a result, they devised a videogame in which the core was multiplayer for up to 4 players, and for this, they pulled the experience of Phil Duncan (one of the founders of the company).

Duncan believes that few things are as cooperative in life as working in the kitchen. He knows because he had been a chef in the past. Thus was born a video game that reaped important successes among users and critics, more considering its indie nature. Just a couple of years after its initial release, we get a sequel that expands the principles of any kitchen at a professional level: time management, a lot of movement and … yes, the screams too.

Overcooked 2 maintains the original attributes, but incorporates a twist to the formula. It contains even more crazy scenarios. Mechanics are added in the style of portals. Incorporates the action of throwing ingredients. Now there is not only a local multiplayer but also online. That is a title that aims to give a more and better in every rule to all those who seek fun in the company. The campaign can be played individually, but you will not have anyone to rant or share your success with, and we can assure you that it is an indisputable key to get the most out of this game.

Nightmare in the kitchen

The structure of Overcooked 2 remains intact. There are six worlds and more than thirty levels that are unlocked as we get stars in each of them. How to do it? Well squeezing our potential cook to the fullest to deliver each of the dishes in a timely manner. The complicated task, the further we get in the adventure.Nightmare in the kitchen

Overcooked 2 maintains the original attributes, but incorporates a twist in its formula.

Really, here the main enemy is not to cut the materials and then put them in the pan or pan. The most fearsome rival of Overcooked is still the sets, kitchens that seem to have been designed by the most perverse of minds. Mobile bridges, displacement tapes, portals … and also fire, a lot of fire that we will have to run to extinguish with the extinguishers. Winning at each level requires great skill and ability to improvise because even scenarios are transformed on the fly, forcing us to change our cooking strategy over and over again.

A kitchen in the middle of the street where we had to dodge the cars to deliver the orders. A hot air balloon whose parts came together and joined gradually, with different ingredients in each section. Platforms that our partner remotely controls from the other side of the room. Another scenario in which we must use displacement tapes to deliver pans, cooked items or dirty dishes.

The madness can be brutal, which is important to understand and talk continuously with other users. Also, scream. It is unavoidable. The game puts you in tension, because the chronic always goes back, implacable, in a struggle for survival that is summarized in the number of tips we get for being more or less fast. That depends mainly on our score, which will allow us to go further in this peculiar cooking adventure.

But if we have to speak very well about the variety of cuisines and approaches, we must also say that the recipes are repeated very often (sushi, hamburgers, pasta, and desserts mainly). The difficulty is progressive, although it lacks adjustment since we will find missions simpler than others that we have already overcome. Although the control is good and simple, we have also noticed that it causes certain inaccuracies when it comes to picking or placing food. To this it contributes that the system of icons is not completely polished and on occasions it overlaps information on the screen, being illegible.certain inaccuracies

A title very to take into consideration for those who want to assemble a party at home

In any case, the game is well resolved in general and is a recommended option for those who want to enjoy coop games of 2 to 4 users in the same console, and now also online (you can combine both experiences if you wish). As additional modalities, the bad thing is that there is little to tell. We have the arcade mode, which is a selection of scenarios already overcome in the campaign. Then there is the versus mode, which raises us to cook to get more points than our rivals.

However, it knows little. The campaign is exceeded in 3-4 hours, and the replay elements consist of obtaining all the stars. Graphically is a title well resolved, but somewhat flat in its realization, and the same could be said of the sound section, which does not stand out for anything especially. Just accompany.

Honestly, we expected more of this sequel, one that delves into the playable bases proposed by Overcooked but has not had enough ambition to fully stand out. Still, and as we said, a title very to take into consideration for those who want to set up a party at home. It is an ideal video game to do it. Laughter and shouting are assured … and that is the most important thing in the end, even though the dishes do not end up coming out, which will happen more than once.

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Overcooked 2 stays true to the principles of the first delivery and powers them with new mechanics, even more, crazy scenarios and an online multiplayer that increases the possibilities of play. However, it lacks ambition, it does not innovate too much and it has certain problems in matters of progression, variety of recipes and control. Still, a highly recommended title to play in the company. The fun is guaranteed both for those who want to repeat the dish after the first Overcooked and for those who arrive completely new.

  • Very well resolved the cooperative concept
  • It keeps you continuously in tension, generating very funny situations
  • Inventive in the scenarios, with really crazy and challenging approaches
  • This time it comes with online multiplayer
  • Some problems with difficulty and control, both can be improved
  • Somewhat short duration, with additional interesting modalities

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