Overwatch analysis on Switch, Blizzard’s hero shooter arrives on Nintendo’s console

Written by Kamran Haider

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch! The mere idea of ​​enjoying this multiplayer action video game anywhere, thanks to the portable mode of the console, would thrill anyone but … how does Blizzard’s game respond in the hybrid console? We tell you in the Overwatch analysis for Nintendo Switch.

I usually bet on the television when playing with Nintendo Switch but in the case of Overwatch I had it very clear: the portable mode was the priority. We talked about one of the most successful games of recent years; a fun and frenetic multiplayer action title that looks spectacular, yes, thanks to its great artistic section and fantastic stage design, but that catches as few with its exciting battles and the diverse cast of protagonists who face them. So the only idea of ​​enjoying the Blizzard game everywhere, wherever I went, I was very excited… and at the same time, it also generated certain doubts. Will you give the size technically? Will the action be well controlled? The answer is yes; It works and it looks really good.

Assuming that you already know the game, and if you cannot consult the Overwatch analysis that I wrote a few years ago, the truth is that it was to start a game and hours later there was still; running, shooting, enjoying a video game that is pure fun. With a template of 31 characters available and lots of new maps that have been added in recent years, it is hard to release the controls once the action has begun, and that says a lot in favor of a title that in its jump to Nintendo Switch bets on 30fpscompared to 60 images per second of the original. The sensations? I have seen some fans regret this decision stating that the gaming experience would be severely affected but the truth is that it works correctly and is enjoyed without problems. Obviously, whoever looks for the most fluid and competitive experience has the PC version to give the best of himself; But if your bet is to play Overwatch anywhere without more aspiration than that, play and have fun, the result is quite good.

Overwatch: Play as a team!

Overwatch is a title that lives from team play. Each player plays a role in the game, and if he does not fulfill his function, hardly his team will obtain the victory. That is why their fighting is so exciting and spectacular. It is a non-stop of shots, explosions, rays and colored lights flying from here to there. And it is so frantic, and sometimes so chaotic, that the fluidity of action is everything. While the 30fps are there, and it shows, the Nintendo Switch experience is good. The image rate per second remains solid even at times of maximum tension, whether you play on the TV or directly on the touch screen of the hybrid console. In portable mode, yes, the field of view is smaller which can make it difficult to move freely in the busiest battles.

Unlike the original version, Overwatch on Nintendo Switch introduces new forms of control, the most striking being the Wiki-style movement control that allows us to point directly to the TV using the Joy-Con. It is not bad as an aid to achieving greater precision but in the end, it is essential to use the sticks to master the action, because the fighting is so fast and so many things happen at once, that not doing so would be suicide. In this line Blizzard also takes advantage of gyroscopic sensors of the console and the Pro Controller, also allowing us to make slight movements to adjust the target and make white. It is a good solution that some already dominate (damn Widowmaker!) But if you prefer a more traditional control, you can deactivate the option. It’s more. You have the freedom to set different game parameters depending on whether you use the portable mode, the joy-con or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.fight

The game works correctly and is enjoyed without problems.

The good thing is that you have multiple options to find the best way to enjoy the exciting Overwatch fights, and it is appreciated. In what refers to the graphics section, the Blizzard game also meets the expected even if it would have been preferable to opt for 60fps at the cost of subtracting something more eye-catching (even if it was with a performance mode that we have already seen in other games). In general, the game looks good, with good character modeling and a show of lights and colors that remain intact. Obviously the textures have lost definition and some visual effects like reflections disappear, but it is still a very enjoyable experience. Those responsible for the Diablo saga they have opted for a resolution of 900 pixels in the dock and 720p in portable mode , and in both cases the game is fluid , although in the initial measures of the game the data load is slow, and that causes instead of See your hero and other players, see colored lights moving from side to side. It is impossible to play in these conditions, although it is something that lasts a few seconds.

It has taken a long time to arrive despite Blizzard’s interest in adapting Overwatch to Nintendo Switch since the launch of the console, but with the game already in your hands, you have to recognize that the experience is worth it, especially if your intention is to enjoy it in the mode laptop wherever you go. The Internet connection is good (requires Nintendo Switch Online ) is good and in these first days, I had no problem finding games against players from all over the world. Are you looking for a more competitive experience? High level? Then opt for the PC game or the other platforms, where the action works at 60fps. But as an alternative version, the truth is that you enjoy your fighting a lot. When the crossplay is discarded There is also no difference between players.

Too bad that despite being able to link your user account with that of there is no cross-progression, which means that on Nintendo Switch you start from scratch. It only remains to take it as an excuse to play and play, level up, and thus unlock lots of aesthetic content, waiting for Blizzard to decide at once to also launch Hearthstone in the hybrid console. It could be great! But for now, nothing has been confirmed.

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Overwatch is synonymous with fun, also on Nintendo Switch. Blizzard has done a great job of adapting its multiplayer action game to the hybrid console, with new control options to make aiming and shooting even easier and fun. Being able to play Overwatch wherever you go thanks to the portable mode gives great interest to this version of the game. 30fps? You can tell, yes, but they don’t prevent you from enjoying one of the best action games of recent years. If you are looking for the extreme fluency of the original and the most competitive fight, then the Overwatch you are looking for is on other platforms.

  • Play Overwatch in portable Nintendo Switch mode wherever you go
  • The game arrives loaded with content with more than 30 characters and dozens of maps
  • Gyro control that helps improve accuracy. You can deactivate it if you prefer
  • 30fps can become an insurmountable obstacle for certain users
  • Sometimes it takes time to load data at the start of the game and for seconds the other players are light spheres

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