Person Analysis Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the new dungeon crawler with Persona 5 characters

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Person Q returns to unite more to the characters of the famous JRPG saga. On this occasion, moving the labyrinth to different movie stages and with the arrival of Persona 5 characters as the main claim. But, how far do the differences with their first delivery? We discovered it in the analysis of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.

Person Q was a pleasant surprise when the saga was not as recognized as it is today, although thanks to the success of Persona 4 and had managed to captivate many fans. What better way to wait for that fifth installment than through this spin-off that mixed the combat style of the saga with the most classic dungeon crawler? Now, with Person 5 already in our hands, and awaiting the arrival of that Person 5 The Royal (and even his new spin-off Persona 5 Scramble ), fans have a chance to make a final spike to their Nintendo 3DS with this Person Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, which practically concludes the catalog of the console and does so with a great closure.

Before starting, and for those who know little about the world of Person Q, we must review the bases. The approach of this sub saga is not entirely canonical. That is to say, the events that take place in the game do not have a relevant transcendence in the universe of the numbered series, but rather are more carefree stories that help to spend more time with the beloved characters of each of the deliveries, but without containing as much narrative depth as the JRPGs. Here, in fact, more fan service is sought, as I commented in the analysis of the first Person Q. Those moments in which we can see how the characters of one delivery are known and interact with those of another, something that is really attractive for the followers.


The combat also changes with the seen in the numbered saga. This is a dungeon crawler, and one very similar to the series Etrian Odyssey, also from Atlus, which places us in a range of different mazes in which to fight against rivals while we find secrets and the output of it. With the classic combat of the Shin Megami Tensei saga and that way of balancing the experience based on having to rest to recover the SP.

It’s not a surprise that Atlus and even the P Studio (what I say, in general, the development of JRPGs) is somewhat sequences created in animationconservative, so you do not have to wait for much big news with respect to your previous dungeon crawler. If you want more, here’s this Person Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. If you did not approach the first one, do not worry. You can play this second installment without problems. Of course, if you do not know the world Persona, although technically it is feasible to take the mechanics, there are certain spoilers that have to do with the development of the plots of all his characters. Especially those of Person 5, who are the main guests for this installment, since the plot happens at some indeterminate point almost at the end of the base game.

It is a dungeon crawler very similar to the series Etrian Odyssey, also by Atlus

For veterans, it is a new opportunity to meet all the most beloved characters of the series. Well, more loved by Atlus, of course, because it has only strengthened this feedback of the franchise since its third installment. Therefore, we see a true compendium of characters that manages to bring together the groups of partners created in Person 3, Person 4 and Person 5. They also do not forget about the heroine of Persona 3 Portable, since in this edition for PSP you could choose as an avatar to a classic masculine protagonist and also a feminine one.

the heroine of Persona 3 Portable

The story is again very similar to that of the first Person Q, but it is true that perhaps there is something more profound in its history, because more moral and social dilemmas are added to the equation, as the main saga is used to. Proof of this is the first world of the four available, governed by a superhero who takes the form of Komoshida, the rival professor we know in Person 5, and which serves to establish a small discourse on what is justice and how citizens, they can be easily carried away by the application of the law by the rulers, rather than by their own values.

Person Q2 New Cinema LabyrinthIt is a good message, although we should not expect it to be as worked as in the main saga, whose weight in the plot is much more relevant. Instead of focusing on him, in addition, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, like its first installment, has the characteristic of adding a lot of superficial dialogue, usually dedicated to the fan service, yes, but also to colloquies between the characters that can be redundant and devoid of purpose.


Persona Q,The same thing does not happen in combats, where the game really brings out all its advantages, with an exploration that never gets boring, since each one of the worlds and the different levels invites to be explored one hundred percent. Not only reward us for that but sometimes it will be very necessary if we want to get all the objects, face the toughest rivals and perform the secondary missions that are entrusted to us.



But what are the differences with your first delivery? There are not many, as I say, nor do they substantially change the experience. The most important thing is that both the navigation and the combat on the stage seem much more comfortable. For example, all the menus have a better cohesion, but above all, they help to identify the icons, attacks, magic, objects, and weaknesses much more quickly than in the first Person Q. A quick movement by the abilities of each character allows us to identify what Magic is the correct one to explode without having to go through the enemy’s analysis menu, for example.fusion of characters

The soundtrack is fabulous

Walking through the labyrinth is a more fluid experience thanks to the fact that now you can not only accelerate the rhythm of the battles but also in the movement through the labyrinth. You do not realize how useful this small option is until you return to Person Q after playing this second installment. In addition, the fights are much more visual. It was missed in the first game the fact of not being able to see our characters execute their attacks, and it is something that has been solved in this second part, without losing a bit of speed, which is also important for the rhythm to flow. In addition, new group effects have been added that can be activated by our dungeon guide once we fill in the corresponding bar. There are little details scattered here and there, such as the opportunity to cure allies with the START button, but perhaps one of the great novelties is the so-called Unison system, which allows certain couples to join the game to perform special attacks. Getting all the combinations will be one of the most entertaining tasks, since they are obtained fulfilling secondary missions, justifying much more these optional tasks. Its execution reminded me a bit of those fabulous duo attacks of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, although less spectacular, of course, but it certainly helps to combine and relate the characters of different sagas better.

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Finally, the nursing that characterized the recovery of energy in the previous work has been eliminated. That is, it does not cost money to recover the SP of the characters that have gone to fight. It may seem a point that reduces somewhat the difficulty of exploring the dungeon, but I think the game manages to balance perfectly and at least my experience has been very similar to the one I got four years ago, with the classic peaks of difficulty in some bosses, and the need to explore the scenario well if you want to be at the level required by these meetings.without losing a bit of speed,

Despite these slight modifications, nothing changes the fact that this Q2 Person has many similarities with the first delivery, which can not be classified as positive or negative since the amount of fun offered by the first game was very high. Yes, I think, however, that you could have curled the curl a bit more. It is a delivery that has been slow to arrive, which is now more recognized and could bring more novelties to the formula, especially to take better advantage of the numerous cast of players we have this time. The soundtrack is still at a very high level, with new songs inspired by each of the headers, starting with that battle theme called Invitation to Freedom in the style of Persona 5, but without forgetting to add a special theme for each of the games. Something that is appreciated because in this music of the saga there are styles for all tastes.Persona Q2

It is easy to recommend Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth to anyone who plays the first game or even to any of the JRPGs that make up this acclaimed saga. Time flies by with him. Maybe the news is not so weighty, and its aspirations are not so ambitious, but it is a delight to walk through each maze organizing a huge cast of characters with whom you have shared so many adventures, while you see them interacting with each other. A perfect opportunity to say goodbye, in addition, Nintendo 3DS with a game that is perfectly suited to its dual screen and touch.


Person Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is a somewhat conservative delivery with respect to its first part, but it manages to connect with the fan quickly, as the huge cast of protagonists of the series is parading through the screen. If we add how much fun it is to go through these dungeons, fight with the particular style of the series, all revamped with small but very comfortable Game and visual improvements, we have a more than convincing result.

  • A cast of characters broader than ever
  • The dungeons and battles are still hooked like the first time
  • Playable and visual improvements that make the experience very comfortable
  • The soundtrack is still luxury
  • It is somewhat conservative with respect to its first delivery.
  • Although the interactions between characters are interesting, the opportunity to build a more complex story is lost

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