PlayStation VR Worlds analysis. Small virtual worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds
Written by Kamran Haider

The PlayStation VR cover letter is undoubtedly this PlayStation Worlds, which contains five very different experiences from each other to appreciate all the prisms of virtual reality. But is it worth it in the long run being a title sold separately?

When Wii arrived on the market, it offered a completely new way of playing, and the title that catapulted the console to fame, which made it really popular, was Wii Sports, the pack of five sports games that served as a demonstration, yes, but also of immediate fun when buying your Wii. PlayStation VR Worlds should have been exactly the same: a pack of five short experiences that demonstrate the astonishment capabilities that virtual reality with PSVR is capable of. However, its launch as an autonomous game takes away a lot of appeal to this set of experiences that, while curious, do not go beyond mere curiosity.

We do not understand very well the decision to offer VR Worlds as an independent group since the disbursement that PSVR entails is already important enough to offer something else to the buyer. VR Worlds is that title that you not only want to try first to get a good idea of ​​what you have acquired, but it is recurrent because it is the one you want to show your friends when they come home to try VR, and it works much better as the first feeling beyond the demos available with the initial pack.

To recap, these are five short experiences, although some with different game modes, which take advantage of all the most important features of the glasses:

London HeistLondon Heist

London Heist is probably the most protagonist since this experience puts us in the skin of a thief while telling us a little story. The ability to manipulate objects to solve small puzzles and its facet of shooting games with guns makes it quite attractive, but you need PlayStation Move to really get the effect you are looking for. Although he takes himself very seriously, the mini-game is aware that the player will do the goat with him a lot, and puts you the tools for it: take a lighter and a cigar, get to smoke, throw the cigar to whom He is talking to you … Possibilities that sometimes bring him closer to that comic touch of games like Surgeon Simulator, but that demonstrates how immersed we can be in another world with dizzying persecutions while we shoot and naturally load our guns. Simple, but effective, that along with other titles such as Batman Arkham VR inaugurates a new style of playing in VR, where we remain fixed at all times at the same point without the possibility of walking, to avoid nausea and dizziness.


Perhaps one of the most disappointing of the package, because this little eccentricity of name Luge that proposes us to take a road in a kind of sled with wheels, ends up giving no more of itself beyond the initial tests. The sled is controlled by tilting the head from left to right and contains a few different circuits and the possibility of repeating them to achieve maximum scores, but it is easy to get bored after the experience of the first races. It does not help to have a very poor technical section, accused saw teeth and, in general, a rather blurry aspect in the distance that we do not quite understand, because we have played with titles in PlayStation VR that show that you can get a Better graphic invoice. To finish finishing off,

Danger ball

It is easy to overlook Danger Ball for being the least impressive of the five, but this kind of virtual 3D Pong is the one that can take the most advantage in the long term. With the head, we control our wall, and after mastering the most basic movements we can perform more advanced ones such as giving effect to the ball, creating a surprising depth in the games. Too bad he stays on the surface because adding more options and allowing us to use AI tools would have achieved a very consistent game, beyond his quick games, points and tournament mode. With an online mode, this small mini-game would have been perfect and highly recommended.


The famous shark that you will have seen in all trailers. Immersion is about the most passive experience of the five, where the possibilities of virtual reality are limited to looking around and letting ourselves be surprised by the views, as we dive into a cage in the deep sea. And of course, it is easy to imagine what comes next: the confrontation with the shark that you will teach all the friends to give them a good scare. The problem? That beyond the free mode where to travel the coral reefs you will not put it again.

Odyssey Scavenger

Quite a curious title, which puts us in the skin of an alien controlling a robot, Alien or Avatar. Odyssey Scavenger is a game with free movement, which entails … possibility of getting dizzy. And if you don’t, it’s easier to get dizzy in the sequences in which we have to jump from asteroid to asteroid. Since it comes in the pack, it may be your best test to see if you are able to withstand the dizziness of this type of game before launching for a full one. He is quite careful and is a good aperitif for experiences that can be lived in first-person shooters, although there is little more to scratch beyond the first game.

We would like to talk better about PlayStation VR Worlds, but we believe that the easiest and most daring way of all the games we have tried in Sony’s virtual reality has been chosen. Luge is a poor quality game. Immersion is a demo more than anything else. London Heist and Odyssey Scavenger are attractive, but beyond the first time, it is difficult for them to stand on their own. Danger Ball is fun, but I would have needed more ways to stand out. And this conformism, together with a launch that should have been included in the launch pack of the glasses, make it a title, although it is perfect to start, it is hardly recommended. And that situation is not the best to place the player who has just launched a bet like Virtual Reality.

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PlayStation VR Worlds is a good pack to experience virtual reality for the first time and teach it to family and friends. It should probably have been included in the initial pack of glasses, since beyond the first experience the demonstrations are anecdotal, subtracting attractiveness to acquire it separately.

  • One of the best ways to easily test what VR is capable of
  • London Heist and Danger Ball
  • High price and the fact that it is sold separately
  • Some of their experiences do not give more of themselves beyond the first time

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