PUBG Corp Attempted a Weekly Update Plan, Yet couldn’t Keep up the Pace

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Fortnite is a greatly effective game, yet that achievement included some major disadvantages. Its distraught pace of updates keeps players connected however it likewise allegedly keeps representatives secured a condition of ruthless smash to stay aware of the interest for a steady progression of new substance. In an interview PUBG Corp studio executive Brian Corrigan said that the Player unknown’s Battlegrounds group really tackled keeping up a comparable pace, yet discovered that it just couldn’t keep it up.


“The previous fall—and I said this previously, freely—yet we were going after for this week by week update rhythm. Furthermore, it was something where a lot of us look like, look, we need to improve things as quick as could reasonably be expected. Some stuff makes us crazy as players, and who’s going to fix it? Us! We’re the developers, we must go fix it, since we ourselves need to play the fixed adaptation,” Corrigan said.

“So we tried to wrench out these patches on a week by week cycle a year ago, and it just really didn’t work out. If you’ve been on this side of game improvement previously, that is a quite hard pace to keep to. So we changed it off a little this year, and we’ve been doing littler fixes each month, and a greater season plan.”

Corrigan doesn’t consider that to be an issue, however, in light of the fact that he considers PUBG and Fortnite to be altogether different sorts of diversions. “We have an all the more high-force focused game, we have a practical esports program that we’re investing a ton of energy into the present moment,” he said.

“If there’s pieces [of Fortnite] that work for us, that is extraordinary, in light of the fact that we should gain from the best instructors over a variety of diversions, however our equation is one of a kind. That is something we comprehend, and we need to consistently remember: this PUBG recipe is remarkable, there truly is nothing else out there like it.”

While PUBG Corp is never again trying to stay aware of Epic’s very quick pace, Corrigan said the studio needs to complete a superior employment of speaking with its players what it’s really getting up to—and that individuals from the network are now “seeing an alternate voice of the organization this year.”

“There’s a thing in structure improvement that no one needs plan by board, in fact that normally you get the most minimized shared variable of everything, and that is not a smart thought. Yet, you additionally need to share aim, I surmise, and clarify why things some of the time are how they are,” he said.

“Ideally individuals are seeing us complete somewhat of a superior occupation on that—this year we’ve begun to accomplish increasingly nitty gritty fix notes, we began to have these dev letters turning out. A few of us, including me, are attempting to accomplish greater network webcasts and interviews, things like that, and just, you know, tell individuals, ‘We’re human, and we care about the game as much as you’.”

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds set up its fourth season a week ago with an unexpected story trailer, something we haven’t seen in PUBG beforehand yet will probably experience a greater amount of later on.

Corrigan said the developers “have every one of these accounts that we need to tell,” and that “this is the principal little nip of what we’re arranging. Unquestionably watch out for a lot more in the future.”

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