Puzzles and platforms as a team. Analysis of Unravel Two for Nintendo Switch

Unravel 2
Written by Kamran Haider

With a clear commitment to the cooperative game, Unravel Two was destined to premiere on a console like Nintendo Switch. He has done it ! and in this analysis, we delve into the virtues of this fun and beautiful adventure of puzzles and platforms.

Since it was presented and confirmed its commitment to the cooperative multiplayer was not few who showed their desire to see Unravel Two on Nintendo Switch. What prevented this adventure of puzzles and platforms from being released before in the hybrid console? Its leaders were sincere from the beginning. “The reality is that adopting it would take a lot of work and we are a small studio that does not have the necessary resources at this time.” If we could, we would! “Fortunately, good old Yarny has ended up on the Nintendo console circuits to make his followers enjoy a quality video game, witty and charming.

True to the original title, which for now seems to rule out its premiere on Switch, the great novelty of Unravel 2lies in that local cooperative multiplayer that allows you to enjoy the adventure in the company of a friend, although sometimes you miss a better job when it comes to taking advantage of this new feature. Yes, of course, whether or not you play with someone else, the cooperation between Yarny and his new ally is essential to get around some of his puzzles and platform challenges, but the Coldwood and EA Originals video game leave you with a bitter aftertaste. It’s fun, endearing, witty in the way you put yourself to the test … but it lacks that something that made the original such a special title. If you are new you will have a great time exploring the seven levels that make up the story mode, I do not doubt, but if you already enjoyed your predecessor, during some stages of the adventure you will be invaded by a feeling of déjà vu that detracts from the charm of a videogame which, despite this, is still recommendable.

The strength of friendship

Cooperation is everything in Unravel 2. It was already noticed by those responsible from the first minute when it was presented at E3 2018. “The game is inspired by the spirit of optimism, of always being together”, and it is an idea that works well, although it does not finish showing all its potential. Teamwork is essential to reach the end of each level, it is true, but the challenges that are raised do not always deepen in it. On the majority of occasions, it is enough to use the wool line to get off using the support of the partner and, with a slight swing, jump to distant positions. And soon again and again, in changing situations, with some variations, but essentially the same routine. It does not seem bad, go ahead, because Unravel Two knows how to surprise with truly exciting game situations. Escaping wild animals while jumping from here to there? You will do it; also with a great musical accompaniment and an improved pace of action that will encourage you to move forward, to want to explore new horizons in a video game whose main virtue, once again, is to make you smile like a child.

If you face the adventure with a friend, well, you can get an idea of ​​how Unravel Two works. Each character is controlled by a player independently, being able to combine their abilities, identical in both protagonists, to overcome the obstacles that you find on the way. What happens if you play alone? There will be times when you touch toggle control between one and another Yarny, but also others, most, that you just have to unite both characters in a single wool doll with which you can jump freely without the rhythm of the action is affected in the least. It is an intelligent decision, which is appreciated, although it denotes one of the main shortcomings of the work: cooperation matters, as I said before, but there are few challenges that really justify this addition. You almost have to reach the end of the adventure to find puzzles that really enhance the game as a team with a series of puzzles that, while not especially original, do denote ingenuity and creativity on the part of the Coolwood team.There are many platforms game situations in which you will swing from here to there while your ally holds the line

Unravel Two knows how to surprise with truly exciting game situations.

There are many platforms, game situations in which you will swing from here to there while your ally holds the line, guiding even your movements to avoid deadly traps; but there are also moments of calm, of stopping to think about your next move. How to reach that high point? The interaction with the stage, he takes a certain role here, forcing Yarny to move objects or even hold them in specific points of the mapping to solve some of the most interesting puzzles of the work. The catch, as I said before, is that Unravel Two stays on the surface; It does not scratch the many possibilities of a cooperative experience that shines, yes, but at very specific moments of the game. Do not misunderstand me. The gaming experience is really good.

I love to advance through the stages almost without interruptions, linking one after the other and in a fluid way the acrobatic movements of Yarny and his new friend, that for that there is a challenge that consists precisely in overcoming the levels in the shortest possible time; but it is inevitable not to feel disappointed when you discover that there are few puzzles that really delve into team play, that pose challenges that go out of the ordinary; that forces you to think differently. Yes, I insist, cooperation is essential, but also, in general, very superficial.

In addition to the seven levels of the story mode, which you can complete in about five hours – plus the time you spend to overcome the optional challenges -, Unravel Two includes 20 additional challenges of great difficulty that will put you to the test in different ways. The reward? New appearances for Yarny … and also a hint of frustration if you play alone. I say this because there are challenges that seem designed to be enjoyed exclusively with a friend since they require a difficult synchronization to achieve alone. Certainly, I would have preferred some more level for the campaign, but it is also appreciated the presence of these optional challenges because with them you can spend a couple of extra hours. Not bad, it is great to get lost in the beautiful scenery that recreates a videogame with an artistic section of enormous quality.

From forests to factories, through gardens or lakes; Although the sequel to Unravel bets for a realistic visual style with dreamlike landscapes in which we will see wild animals swarming with complete naturalness, the CoolWood videogame feels somehow magical; something closer to a fairy tale than to a real story. And since I mention it, the game bets once again for a story without words that develops in the background, always in the background, this time with a tone to my taste too diffuse, without specifying too much, which prevents you from getting involved emotionally to this story. It’s a shame because, both visually and sonorously, this adventure is fantastic.New version for Nintendo Switch Any The video game opens in the hybrid console with the same contents of the original version

New version for Nintendo Switch? Any. The video game opens in the hybrid console with the same contents of the original version … although with that extra power to take your action anywhere thanks to Portable Mode. This, coupled with the ease of playing with a friend with Joy-Con, is a great attraction, taking into account that Unravel 2 looks great on the hybrid console. If you play directly on the screen of the laptop your action will be displayed at 30 fps, while if you use the Dock, you can choose a Performance Mode, which reaches 60fps with some slowdown, or a Quality Mode, which focuses on improving graphics to the detriment of reducing the rate of images per second. In any case, as I say, the Coolwood video game is seen and played in a fantastic way on Nintendo Switch.

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Unravel Two is, like the original, a nice adventure of puzzles and platforms with a special charm. The commitment to the cooperative contributes to creating more interesting challenges, also more fun, although if in your day you enjoyed the original, you will miss more originality in the challenges it poses. Also, the design of the puzzles, while attractive, is at times too simple, without going too deeply into team play. In spite of everything, the EA Originals video game has enough quality to catch the fans to this kind of challenge.

  • An adventure with a special charm. It’s still an endearing game
  • The better pace of the action than the original. The staging is fantastic
  • Additional challenges that require taking advantage of Yarny and his new friend
  • Cooperation is a breakthrough …
  • … but there are few challenges that really delve into the team game
  • It feels very similar to the first Unravel
  • The adventure is short. Some optional challenges can be frustrating alone

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