Puzzles with electronic rhythm. Analysis of Lumines Remastered

Written by Kamran Haider

Tetsuya Mizuguchi presents its new creation destined to all the current formats. A remastering of one of its most emblematic titles, Lumines, the same that made us enjoy a lot on PSP more than a decade ago. Analysis of Lumines Remastered.

I may not be the most famous and recognized creator of the moment, but personally, I love the works of Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Rez, Dreamcast’s classic mega (the original), always seemed to me a title ahead of its time; Meteos (title developed with Masahiro Sakurai, another crack) was a real game vice in Nintendo DS; and Lumines … it may be one of the most undervalued puzzle titles in the history of videogames, at least in my opinion.

Fortunately, Mizuguchi and his team of Resonator have had the pleasure of developing a remastering of this PSP classic, Lumines Remastered , a game that also appears in all current formats, a production that still seems to me to be as fresh, invigorating, addictive and playable as out a decade and a half ago on PSP.

In the vast majority of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s productions, the sound section captures an unusual role, something that happens in Lumines Remastered. Those who, like me, enjoy electronic music, will surely feel very attracted to this title, given that it is possible to listen to a good number of magnificent themes of that same nature as we put the puzzle blocks as more It suits us. That is because the game mechanics proposed by this work is based precisely on that.

Musical puzzles

In a grid of 10×16 blocks, we have to place the 2×2 blocks that always start from the top of the screen. These blocks are always bichromatic and our task is to stack them to match at least four squares of the same tone in 2×2 blocks, being able of course to link combos that allow us to get better scores.

The true grace of the matter is that as we place and eliminate the squares of yore, the music adapts to each action we take. A melodic dynamism that we have already enjoyed in other titles previously but that in the case of Lumines Remastered achieves outstanding dyes, favoring and further encouraging a game formula as simple as, believe me, addictive and tremendously fun.Lumines Remastered

Lumines may be one of the most underrated puzzle games in history.

Like a good puzzle game, this production also presents a generous number of game modes and options, from the indispensable multiplayer mode to two bands (local only) to others like Desafío. (the best of all, at least for me), Puzzles, Mission, Time Trial, etc. And as a great curiosity, this version allows us to activate the Trance Vibration option that, through the vibration of the controls, which we place in different parts of our body, allows us to follow and feel the action in a strangely interesting way. You will tell me what you think when you try it.

In short, that Lumines Remastered is a torrent of incredible fun to little that you like this type of titles. As it happens in the greats of the genre, it is difficult to understand how such simple and basic game mechanics can end up being so entertaining. A proposal that also has a very solvent graphical section, showing in 4K in the versions of PS4, Xbox One and PC (in Switch it is shown to 1080p and 720p in TV mode and docked respectively). A visual section that, logically, is relegated to a second plane because the sound is what monopolizes all the protagonism thanks to a simply marvelous soundtrack.

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Resonator resuscitated with Lumines Remastered to one of the best puzzle games of recent times to the delight of all of us who enjoyed the original PSP production … and the titles of this same nature in general. A work in which the puzzles and the music flow majestically to the rhythm that Tetsuya Mizuguchi raised a decade and a half ago. A classic that nobody should miss because it offers quality entertainment and very durable.

  • Its gameplay is still as absorbing as it was in the original PSP
  • His electronic style soundtrack is extraordinary
  • Wide range of game modes and options
  • It is the typical title easy to play but difficult to master
  • Could have included more news in relation to the original

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