Rage 2 Takes a Punch at Elon Musk in a Mystery Bunker Mission

Rage 2
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Elon Musk, Rick and Morty fan and billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX who smoked weed once, is a disgustingly rich man who could use his cash to take care of a ton of problems today, yet rather makes electric cars for other rich people and crash rockets into boats. What’s more, how he’s the victim of an awful joke in Rage 2 as a major part of a secret mission.

Rage 2

While wandering the wasteland, I see some appealing bunker doors inserted in the side of a mountain and as we as a whole know, if there’s a dugout there’s most likely a lonely, distraught person inside (or possibly the skeleton of one).

This specific lonely, distraught person goes by Elton Tusk, as the data cushions were strewn about the fortification say. He’s the former—well, actually, current CEO of Tusk Industries, in the event that you want to keep on putting stock in capitalist hierarchies in the post-apocalypse.

Rage 2

Posters reference space travel and eco-cases and nanotrites, data cushions detail Tusk’s great creative energy, innovative technologies, and vulgar wealth—all of which are all straightforwardly contributing to the influence struggles in Rage 2’s end times scenario. Let’s line up the proof:

  • Elton Tusk = Elon Musk
  • CEO of a company looking into space travel, nanomachines, pointless things
  • Rich guy esteemed a “great science mogul”

It’s an Elon Musk bit, no doubt about it.

As I move through the bunker, Tusk harries me and hails himself, compromising my little stature while bragging about power and judgment beyond comprehension.

I’m known as a couple of more names before I got into a large circular room. Elton’s going to sic his robots on me, however, they’re no longer functional. I like to think they surrendered him. One falls to the ground, a crude machine that resembles a sharp tooth with handlebars.

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Elton is in the next room, and as expected, he’s a lot littler and sadder than his rant. Dude’s a mind in a jar. Not only that, yet the cyber void he’s been living in all this time has purged out. What used to be loaded up with light and sound and information is presently darkness.

It is not a particularly solid joke on Avalanche’s part since it lacks explicitness and more straightforward jabs at Elon’s numerous public blunders, yet it’s a little, warm pocket of cosmic equity in a cold world. I’ll take it.

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