Rage 2’s Launch Trailer is Full of Swearing and Violence

Rage 2's
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Rage 2 looks set to be a wacky and comedic shooting game if its launch trailer is precise. There’s a bunch of excessive swearing, huge amounts of fashionable retro-futuristic fluoro-purple, and heaps of spilled blood. “Insanity rules“, it guarantees at the end. I don’t think so, yet perhaps I’m a boring loser?

Rage 2's

The game releases May 14 on Steam and I played it for some time at an ongoing sneak peek occasion and I can affirm that the shotguns were certainly overseen by id Software–a decent sign for sure. For progressively substantial impressions, Sam wrote it up a month ago.

And on the off chance that this trailer doesn’t commute home how zany Rage 2 guarantees to be, the game has a cheat that adds NBA Jam Voiceover fellow to the game (yet just in the event that you pre-order!). All the more significantly, Rage 2 will be lodging Doom’s famous BFG-9000.

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Here’s the trailer:

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